What Will You Need from Me to Make My Campaign a Success?

Getting involved in the work we provide you is an absolute essential if you want our help in generating a healthy ROI for your business. I like to discuss that fact with prospects well in advance of them hiring our SEO Agency. It saves a lot of hard feelings across the board. You already know what you expect from us when you hire us; which is to bring in a healthy ROI for your business. Plus you want us to conduct ourselves in a professional manner that reflects well on your business and be easy to communicate with throughout that process. What do we expect from you though? Let’s discuss that for a moment. We will need you, as well as the key players in your business, to attend an onboard call with me. This call could take as long as a couple of hours. So be prepared. On that call, we will discuss:
  • Linkable assets you currently have at your disposal that we can use as link bait.
  • Vendors you do business with to identify possible link opportunities from their websites.
  • Key performance indicators that we can agree on to gauge the success of our efforts.
  • Job openings your business may have so we can find link opportunities for your job listings.
  • Your biggest competitors and what they are doing to build relationships with Influencers and earn links.
Those are just a few of the things we need to get ironed out in our first call together. It’s an important call, to say the least. After that, we will need you to attend an additional call every month to discuss your campaign. Note: Most of what we cover on that first call together I follow directly from chapter five of Eric Ward’s “Ultimate Link Building Book.” It’s the book that revolutionized our agencies link building strategies. It’s a good idea to purchase the book whether you hire our company or not. I don’t get any type of commission for it either. So you can trust my recommendation. 😉