SEO Survival Kit — $495

If your website isn’t generating the income you want for your business our squad is ready to help you.

Think Google Hates Your Website and Is Never Going to Send You Customers? Think Again.

It’s not that Google hates your site, they just need you to correct a few (or several) things about it before they will begin sending a steady supply of your potential customers to it.

Our team is ready to help you find those problems, because you can’t fix what you don’t know exists.

The research we conduct for you will give you your best chance at UNCOVERING HOW TO GET GOOGLE TO SEND YOU MORE CUSTOMERS

Learn what issues are hurting your rankings

Our team of SEO veterans will begin looking for all the major and minor issues hurting your rankings on Google. If it’s impairing your rankings, we’ll find it.

Discover the tech SEO priblems keeping google from sending you more customers

Google is pickier than ever today regarding the types of sites they rank high on their search results pages. Your site needs to play well with their bot. We’ll help you discover if it is or not.

Get insights into what is working well for your competitors

Your competitors currently ranking on top of Google are an extremely valuable asset to your business. It’s like getting to cheat of the smart kids in class and not get in trouble for it. Our team will find out what’s working for your competiton and deliver their strategy to you on a silver platter.

Get a detailed plan on how to use our audit to grow your business

Knowing who your best link prospects are is only half the battle. You also need to know what type of content those prospects link out to as well.

A Word From Matt LaClear

"Have you reached the point where you’re finally ready to get some help with your SEO efforts? It appears to be the next logical step in your journey to grabbing what’s yours in 2020. Let me know if you disagree, by sending me a message on Facebook or email. Otherwise. Let’s get cracking. My team has work to do for you."
Matt LaClear

This Works for Businesses, Affiliate Sites, and Ecommerce Sites

Regardless of the type of website you want Google send more customers to it, this service is what you need. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting a local business, ecommerce website, affiliate or lead generation sites, you name it, our SEO audit will help grow your business.

Money Back Guarantee

If the SEO Survival Kit does not produce results for you, let me know and I’ll give you your money back. You have my word on it. No questions asked.

Why Wait? I'm Guaranteeing My Offer!

The fact you’re here reading this right now indicates you’re deciding right now whether or not our SEO Survival Kit will actually help you make more money in 2020. I guarantee you it will. The next logical step for you seems to be ordering the kit right now and take me up on my guarantee offer.
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