Why is SEO Important?

Why is SEO important to your business?  Easy, it helps it grow.


According to the vendors attempting to sell you paid web traffic, SEO isn’t important at all.

To these knuckleheads, SEO is dead and gone forever. What they base that opinion on is the fact they want to sell you paid traffic instead of SEO.


Buying traffic is easier for them to generate for you.

The fact of the matter is SEO IS AS IMPORTANT AS EVER for your business. It is alive and well, and your competitors are using it to steal customers from you.

Why is SEO So Dang Important?

Let those numbers sink in for a minute.

Over five billion searches get made every day on Google. That equates to 67,000 Google queries every second of every day. Even if you’re not so hot with numbers, you know all that relates to a heck of a lot of opportunities for your business.

88% of Your Prospects Search the Internet Before Buying a Product or Service

A recent study reported that prospects conduct research before making buying from you. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise given how we research our own purchases these days.

If your prospects’ research on Google doesn’t pull up your site, you’re missing out. 

SEO Gives Your Potential Customers the Chance to Check You Out

Today your customers have tools that help them stretch their budgets further than ever. Today my family buys our meat from one grocery story, canned goods from another, and our produce from yet another.

The stores we buy them from are always changing too.


We shop where we can get the most bang for our buck and have smartphone apps that find us the deals.

Your customers are no different.

SEO Differentiates Your Business from Your Competition

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it hit the ground, does it make a noise?

We’ll never find out for sure.

But what if potential customers can’t find your website on Google when they need what you sell?  At that point, they end up doing business with your competitor.

It’s hard to blame them for it too.

When they needed you the most, you were not there for them. So they dealt with your competitor instead.

SEO is the process that keeps that from happening.

SEO Makes Your Business More Credible

If your customers can’t find you online they may assume you’re a fly by night operation. Which may seem silly until you look at it through their eyes.

One of your sales team members cold calls a prospect. The initial meeting goes well and a sales appointment is scheduled for later in the week.

Then that prospect searches for your company on Google and can’t find it.

No new revenue for you.

The same goes for potential partners. They might like your sales team, but if your business is nowhere to be found on Google you can count on them getting cold feet fast.

SEO Has a Direct Impact On Your Buying Cycle

Your customers are like irons, not light switches.

They need to warm up to the idea of buying whatever it is you have. The fact they need it doesn’t speed up the process either.

The good news is SEO allows you to optimize your site for every stage of the customer buying cycle.

It’s one of the only ways to speed up the buying process.

How much extra revenue will your business generate once you’re able to quickly convert prospects to paying customers?

Much more than you’re getting now if you’re not using SEO.

SEO Will Help Your Business Rank On Page One of Google

If your site is currently ranking on page two or worse for your major keywords and phrases those rankings are ACCOMPLISHING NOTHING for your business.

Your competitors ranking on top of page one are getting rivers of new customers flowing for free to their websites.

That means page two rankings produce traffic too, right?

Sadly, no.

The majority of your prospects will not search beyond page one of Google when researching potential purchases. That means if you’re on page two of those searches, you’re toast.


The purpose of this post was not to convince you to quit using paid traffic if it is working for you. Rather I want you to know there is a slew of benefits to incorporating SEO into your ongoing business development plan.

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