My Secrets to Success in Life Are Pretty Simple

Looking for secrets to success in life? If so, join the club.

There’s Many Secrets to Success in Life, Right?

You can be successful in your relationships. You can be successful in your finances. You can be successful in business. You can be successful with your diet. You can be successful with your body’s fitness. You can also be successful with your soul.

secrets to success in life man with arms raised in victory

You have a mind, you have a body, and you have a soul.  Each of those three elements needs cultivating and nutrients in order for you to become truly successful.

The problem is a lot of folks are having issues feeling successful in that area these days.

two men and a woman looking depressed - secrets to success in life

Consider this:

An estimated 121 million people around the world currently suffer from depression. Another study shows that 1 out of every 10 Americans suffer from depression.

That’s an awful lot of depressed people.

secrets to success in life kids hugging mom who is sad

Why is everyone depressed?

They’re going through life without taking advantage of the resources in front of them.

That’s why.

I’m not suggesting the clinically depressed are to blame for their affliction. So don’t go there.

I’m talking about otherwise healthy people who are depressed because of their circumstances.

But I have a couple secrets to success in life to help them change all that.

We All Have A Mind, A Body, And A Soul.  All Three Need To Be Taken Care Of On A Daily Basis.

I saw something the other day that shocked me.

Did you know you can get a Harvard education without paying a single nickel? 

secrets to success in life guy looking surprised

Harvard has made every single hour of every single class available on the Internet.

You can watch hours and hours and hours of Harvard professors teaching economics.  Plus everything else they teach there as well.

You won’t get a diploma after watching the courses. Nor do you get any help from the professors or text books for that matter.

But you have the ability to get a Harvard education for free nonetheless.

Feed your mind regularly and you’ll be happier. Plus you’ll stand a fighting chance at achieving the American Dream.

Same with your body.  You can’t go around eating McDonald’s, and not exercise and expect to feel successful.

We have to take care of our bodies for any of this other stuff to even matter.

Feed Your Soul To Make It Successful Too

There are many ways to feed your soul. I do it by believing in a benevolent God who loves me and provides for me.

secrets to success in life? picture of man praying

How you feed your soul is up to you of course.

Just make sure you feed it.

By the way, your pocket book relates to all three:

If you’re forever fretting about money, it’s going to be hard for you to feed your body, mind, or your soul.  

Why would I say that?

Because it’s true.

A lot of the people I speak with complain that they’re not making as much money as they want to. That there’s no foundation firm enough for them to put their feet upon where they can feel safe or successful anymore.

My heart goes out to them, it really does.

But one of the biggest secrets to success in life is that if they’re not making enough money, it has nothing to do with the market.  Or the economy. It has nothing to do with S&P, it has nothing to do with their competition or anything else like that.

What it does have to do with is what’s between their ears.

When you’re not making the amount of money you want to make it’s because you are not taking advantage of all the resources in front of you.  

I am a firm believer in whatever situation we face there are resources always available to help us overcome it.

You have available resources to feed your body.

You have them to feed your mind.

You also have them to feed your soul.

It’s that simple.

Why did I bring money into this discussion then?

If you’re fretting about making money what are the chances that you’re still getting all the sleep you need? Or the exercise? Or the nutrients? Or food for your soul?

Slim to none, right?

So you’ve got to get your finances in order.  Right?

I’m not talking about saving more money than you earn.  There are others who are much more qualified to speak on that.

Instead I want to help you be able to recognize and take advantage of the resources you currently have at your disposal.

Immigrants come to the United States in droves for a reason. They move here because they understand the opportunities and resources that are waiting for them.


Anyone that’s not making enough money to feel successful in this country has not been taking advantage of their opportunities and resources.

It’s as simple as that.

“Wait a sec, Matt. Come again. What about folks with health or mental issues? How are they at fault for their predicaments?”

Great question. I’m glad you asked it.

I know plenty of disabled people who have no problem logging on to their computers to surf the web all day.

There are plenty of companies hiring people to work from home on their computers.

There’s even more freelance opportunities.

Heck you can even learn to be a freelancer by watching YouTube videos. You can learn how to do just about anything there.

There are resources and opportunities available by the truck load for anyone who furthers their computer skills.

Of course there are plenty of people with disabilities who are unable to do any type of work.

But if you’re reading this post you don’t fall in to that category.

So get to work. 🙂

There are plenty of people who do need our help though. You just don’t happen to be one of them.

The best way to help those who can’t help themselves is for you to become as successful as you can so you can pass knowledge and your own secrets to success in life to them.

But if you’re not making as many sales in your business as you like it’s not because you have tough competition.

It’s because you have failed to take advantage of the resources and opportunities afforded you.

The same thing applies to marital problems too.


If you’re going through a rough patch with your spouse, that’s also going to put you out of balance.

Not because of your significant other’s actions either. Oh boy, I can hear you thinking. But one of the most overlooked secrets to success in life has to do with learning how to forgive others. Including whatever knuckle-headed thing your spouse pulled.

Sure your spouse may be a hard person to get along with. But I guarantee you he or she has given you enough resources to build something on.

Maybe it was a smile. A hug. A kind word or gesture. Or even a caress.

Those are all resources that you can reciprocate and build upon.

Don’t believe me?

Try it and see if it works for you.

Then come back and thank me when it does.

What do you do if you find that you’re in a situation that you’ve caused?

You own it.

Truman had this wonderful sign on his desk:


You need to get in your heart and soul and mind that you are the reason you’re at where you’re at.

It’s not your spouse’s fault, it’s not your boss’ fault, and it’s not the economy’s fault either.

It is your fault.

So deal with it.  Embrace it.  Own it.  Because until you do own it, you’re not going to be able to get away from it.

Do you catch yourself blaming others for your failures?

So stop it already.

It’s not others that’s keeping you down, it’s yourself.  You’re chaining yourself down.

Self-imposed imprisonment is one of the dirtiest nastiest things you can do to yourself.

If you’re not taking advantage of your resources that means you’re standing still. Do that long enough and it becomes a prison.

When you look for resources you will find them whichever direction you turn.

Are You Answering Your Telephone And Returning Calls?

Do you answer your phone when it rings? Or do you let it go straight to voicemail?

Do you call back those people right away?

Your telephone is a resource to your business. The person on the other side of it trying to reach you is a potential opportunity.

If you’re not returning every single phone call you or your business receives then you need to start. Not exactly one of the most  an earth shattering secrets to success in life I know. But it is still true nonetheless.


Every call could lead to an opportunity. So quit trying to prejudge which ones will or won’t. The only way to find out is to talk to everyone who calls you.

If my words sound tough, they’re meant to be.

I’m sick and tired of seeing wonderful beautiful people hurting.

I say I’m sick of it because I can’t do anything to help them.

I could take all the resources in the world and give it to them. But then I wouldn’t have anything to give to the next guy.

Instead all I can do is tell them what I’m about to say here on this post.


You heard it before, you’re going to hear it again, break the chains that bind you.

You’re free.

You have resources and opportunities available to you. So quit acting like you’re imprisoned and left with nothing to work with.

My Story — Secrets to Success in Life for Me Began With $2

When my youngest son was born 18 years ago, he was born with jaundice.

At the time my wife and I weren’t making any money.  We were living with my mother-in-law.  We had a beat up jalopy of a van that burned more oil than gas.


The reason we didn’t have any money was because we owned a house painting business and it was the wintertime.  So there was no business to be had at the time.

At least that’s what I told myself.

The real reason was that I didn’t take advantage of the resources in front of me then liked I learned to do later in life.

Instead I sat on my butt, longing for the spring.

A week or so after my wife and baby came home from the hospital we had our worst fight ever.

The weather outside was well below freezing that day and my son had a doctor’s appointment.

He needed medication for his jaundice.

Problem was our fuel tank was on empty as was usually the case back then.

The doctor’s office was about a ten mile round trip with a lot of stop and go traffic in between.

I looked at my wife and asked her to reschedule the appointment. I told her if she went they would run out of gas and freeze.

She snapped back at me that she was going anyways and that she had enough gas to get there.

From there it just got louder and louder.

At the time my parents lived across the street and they weren’t home so we couldn’t go borrow money from them. Which incidentally was my usual out in those situations.

My mother-in-law was gone too so we couldn’t borrow it from her.

There was no returnable soda pop bottles either that we could take back for a little gas money.


In my mind there was absolutely no resources that we could find to get past the situation.
11My wife, being who she is, stood up and said God will provide her way there and back.

So she left with our son for the doctor’s.

I stayed home, which is not one of my finest moments.  If I thought my wife was going to run out of gas I should have went with her, but I stayed home and sulked.

Minutes passed. Then an hour. Then 90 minutes. I kept waiting for a phone call that I knew was coming that she had run out of gas.

That call never came because it wasn’t long after that she pulled up in the driveway wearing the biggest smile on her face that I have seen her wear since.

I asked what happened.

She said when she pulled into the doctor’s parking lot the van all but ran out of gas. She knew this because we had run out of gas several times in that van and it always did a little sputter-sputter before it died.

So she got there and it sputter-sputtered.

She then said she prayed, “God You will provide a way home for us.”

The whole time inside she was dreading coming out.

After the appointment she noticed something stuck in the front wheel of our van.

In the front hubcap, in two different spots were two $1 dollar bills.

They had evidently blown across the windy parking lot and embedded themselves on our tire.

Which just so happened was the exact amount of gas she needed to get the van home.

This is what I learned from that experience:

When you are in a situation where you cannot find your resources understand they are still there. Even when you can’t see them!  

Those two dollar bills were in existence even before my wife found them. They weren’t in her hands yet was all.

The whole time I was sulking about my circumstance, the resources I needed existed. They just happened to be blowing across snow encrusted fields making their way to our hubcap.

Whether you believe in a Creator or not, you are still surrounded by resources.

That’s the bottom line of secrets to success in life.

So a lousy 2 bucks changed your life Matt?


You better believe it!

You have resources all around you just like my wife and I do.

The happiest people in the world are the one who spend their time looking for their resources.  

Even when you can’t see these resources, they are still right smack dab in front of you.  They will materialize when you need it if you move to look for them.

Here’s the bedrock to all the  secrets to success in life I just shared with you:

Understanding there are resources in front of you right now makes it very easy not to become anxious or depressed.

When you have hope life is totally different. There you have it. Some of my humble secrets to success in life.

So do your level best to feed your whole self each and every day!