Link Building Resources

Why Manual Link Building Will Never Be Obsolete

One of the reasons manual link building will never be obsolete is because nothing can replace a person. Only people can place your links on the perfect pages. A machine can never replace a human touch.

Link Building Strategies Q/A Live Video with Eric Ward aka LinkMoses (recorded live)

In this video, Eric Ward answers link strategy questions and shares real life scenarios based on his experience. He covers anchor text, unnatural links, and linking opportunities. He also discusses Local SEO opportunities.

Live Link Building Speed Consultations with Eric Ward & Garrett French

Eric Ward and Garrett French share with us their thoughts and tips on link building, content creation, and business opportunities. Even if you think you have a boring website, there are different tactics you can use.

Ken McGaffin interviews Eric Ward on ‘earned links’

Eric Ward shares his definition on what an earned link is. If you have relevant content, you can pursue a link with a like-minded website. If you are paying for a link or able to place your link anywhere then it is not an example of an earned link.

About Those Un-Linked URLs That Google Says Do Not Pass PageRank

Don’t waste your time worrying if your unclickable URL posted on a site will pass you any link juice. Earning the credibility is just as important. But, make sure it is a credible site to get the most gain for the mention.

Link Building Expert Roundups Search Engine

There are a lot of different thoughts and theories about link building. This search engine consists of 33 different expert link builders’ thoughts. Just type in a search term to find out what they think.

2015 Link Builder Survey: The Deal with Google & Link Building

Is natural link building “natural”? Some people think that any link that is pursued cannot possibly be natural. But, informing someone of your site isn’t really pursuing the link. You are just making them aware of your content.

4 Techniques for Earning Links to Your Site

Backlinks are an important part of your online marketing. Links can drive traffic and help your site’s ranking. There are some strategies and tools you can use such as Moz Local, reaching out to industry experts, and directories.

Link Expert Eric Ward Talks Fear and The Evolution of Links

There have been a lot of changes in backlink strategies since the beginning of Google. Eric Ward has been building links since before Google existed. When he does his link building, he doesn’t think about if Google will like it, but only asks if it is valuable.

Defamatory Threats to Have Chilling Effect in Link Builders?

If Google receives a legal complaint about “alleged defamation” on your site, you will receive a link removal notice from Google. If you are allowing user-generated content on your sites like comments or posts, you must be vigilant on what you let publish. Google can de-index a site if the content is not removed. If you happen to link to one of these pages, they can come after you too.

Changing Existing Links: Perfectly Normal Except When It Isn’t

Does Google trust links that are changed/edited less? Sometimes you just need to change a link, whether it’s because a page no longer exists, or there’s a more relevant page to link to. If you are changing your link to a different money keyword, that could be a problem. Then, it could look like you’re trying to manipulate Google and get better search rankings.

Why “Linksville” Is a Ghost Town: Link Building Is Moving In-House

When hiring link builders for your website, you can end up with links that are worthless. The best links take time and research so anything done in bulk will end up being low quality. Link building requires humans, not automation. A link building consultant can help you get started building your links in-house.

Food for Thought About Link Building: Some Tasty Tidbits

With Google rolling out Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird, link deconstruction became a real thing. The best practice for link building is to lower your reliance on Google. Focus on driving brand awareness and traffic to your site instead.

Link Building Question and Answer

Here’s a search engine that you can ask specific link building related questions. These sites are selected by Eric Ward, so you know they have been vetted. Eric tries to include new updated URLs to this search engine every week.

11 Reasons Link Building Is a Futile Waste of Time — And One Big Reason It Isn’t

There are many reasons building backlinks is a colossal waste of time. The key here is to know that building irrelevant, useless types of links is when you are wasting your time. There’s a time and a place for good link building.

When the Best SEO Move Is to Kill the Site

If your site has received a manual link penalty from Google, should you just kill your site? The answer is a complicated one and depends on a lot of factors. If you disavow all the bad links, are there any good links left at all? It can be a good idea to have a third party look at your site to get some professional advice.

How SEO Greed Can Ruin a Perfectly Good Linking Strategy

Using linking strategies for the goal of page ranking can hurt your efforts. There are some linking strategies that can work well but if you get too greedy and use it to rank your site. Instead, concentrate on generating traffic and influence. Otherwise, it can fail and cause a link penalty.

Link Building at The Speed of Natural

Defining a “natural backlink” is a challenge. There can be backlinks that may seem unnatural but are actually natural and innocent. One of those types of links can be a link on a paid membership site. Did you pay for the link? Pursuing the right kind of links is all about what would happen if naturally if all content was known to all people.

Changing Course in The New Linking World

If your site lost traffic after a big Google algorithm update, there can still be time to change your approach to link building. You must be willing to make the change, though. Attract link power with useful content.

Is Google Putting Less Emphasis on Links as Part of Their Algorithm?

Eric Ward is asked the question, “Do you feel Google is putting less emphasis on links as part of their algorithm?” Eric discusses that with Google devaluing certain links, that high trust links are even more important.

What Are Some Post-Google Penguin, Budget-Friendly Link Ideas?

Is there a way for smaller businesses with small budgets to go after high-value links? Thinking more along the lines of how to expose your business rather than “what will Google think” will take you further. The days of any site being able to rank high is probably a thing of the past.

A Cure for The C.O.L.D. (Casualty of Linking Distraction)

It’s easy to become distracted in this internet-driven world. You may find yourself with 20 or more social profiles you have no time to even update. Instead of trying to find as many social sites to post content on as possible, concentrate on creating something of value to share.

Nick Stamoulis Interviews Link Building Expert Eric Ward

An interview with Eric Ward on getting his start in link building. Eric was around before search engines were even a thing. He’s always thought of link building more as “web publicity” than using backlinks to rank a site.

A Trusted Link? There Is No Such Thing

Are there such things as a “trusted” link? Eric Ward doesn’t think so. You should look at the big picture and see if a site is being linked to by another site, which was linked to from another site, and so forth. There ends up being a pattern and obvious relationships, which shows true trustworthiness. Single links themselves can’t be counted on to make your site trustworthy.

Non-Content Based Link Opportunities Are Often Missed

While it’s helpful to have intelligent, intriguing content on your website, it’s not crucial to pursuing links. Try thinking of link building as marketing and public relations. You can look for industry connections and look for donation or scholarship opportunities. Thinking outside of the box can get you a lot of linking opportunities.

Five Questions a Good Link Builder Should Be Able to Answer

If you are looking to hire a link builder, there are some questions they should be able to answer. They should be able to give you an example link and how that link will accomplish their objective. Make sure they are not just farming out your links to an outside company. You want a firm that will put real time into your campaign.

Non-Google Link Strategy: An Example of Stealth Link Marketing

If search engines didn’t exist, how would you promote your company’s website? Getting your website URL recognition by using email would be one way to do that. Find different places in your industry that would be willing to send your URL to their customer base. This is considered stealth linking because your competitors never have to find out about them.

Link for People, Not Search Engines

Building links for your website should be about getting your website noticed to human beings, not search engines. There is no way to automate genuine relevancy and expect to trick Google. The best backlink building mantra should be to build backlinks for people, not bots.

Ten Commandments of Link Building

Eric Ward provides the 10 Commandments of Link Building. Some of his commandments cover not using link spam, link exchanges, or link wheels. Be smart with your link building and you will not break any of his commandments.

What the Three Stooges Can Teach Us About Links, aka The Curly Theory of Link Building

The “Curly Theory” of link building is to realize there are topics that someone cares about. No matter how vertical the topic is, there will be a reader and enthusiast. Keep that in mind before asking for a link. You may think your link meshes with the site you’re trying get a link from, but it may not be the case.

Over 125 Legitimate Link Building Strategies

If you are looking for link building strategies, this post has over 100 tips from Eric Ward and contributors. Some of the main ideas to look at when link building is to make sure the sites you want to link to you are in the same field. Also, make sure to optimize your site and use proper internal linking.

E-Commerce Link Building the Challenge That Won’t Go Away

Link building strategies by e-commerce sites can be challenging. When starting an e-commerce blog, you can write about other interesting businesses. You can also pursue social media posts by running some type of promotion and getting shares. Know your site’s limitations and don’t try to be what you are not.

Keyword Secrets to Link Building after Hummingbird, Penguin, and Panda

After all of Google’s algorithm changes, keyword research is more important than ever. Google has to figure out the meaning as well as the intent of a user’s search term. Be sure to target synonyms of your main keyword and use multiple keywords that fit the entire theme of your content.

Opinion Piece on Nofollow Anchor Text

Google expects any link that is not “earned” to have the no follow tag. This is not a very realistic expectation. Just don’t use manipulative anchor text with your linking. Google is getting smarter every day and wiser to tactics that manipulate rankings.

Link Outreach Resources

Strategies for Seeking Links and Publicity (90 minute video with Eric Ward)

Watch Eric Ward lay down everything you ever wanted to know about outreach strategies but were afraid to ask. Eric Ward has over 20 years of experience and shares his approaches, successes, and failures.

9 Netiquette Reminders for Today’s Link Builders

There are some internet etiquette rules that are a good idea for internet users and marketers to follow. One of these rules is to stop sending emails to nameless accounts. Also, do not beg for likes. Most rules are common sense, but there are a few you may not have thought of.

Local Link Building Resources

Overlooked Local Linking Strategies by Eric Ward (YouTube video ~10 min)

Eric shares different Google searches you can use to find local websites to get your local company listed.

Website Navigation Resources

Website Navigation for Link-Worthy Content Assets — with Eric Ward, Shari Thurow & Garrett French (YouTube video 1:52)

This video covers how to develop link-worthy content and where to place your site’s best content. It’s important to enhance user experience and reduce any friction they may encounter when visiting your website.

Site Navigation and Link Building Brainstorm Panel — with Eric Ward, Shari Thurow & Garrett French (YouTube video ~75 min 12/2015)

Eric, Shari, and Garrett break down four websites and give recommendations on content and link assets. They also point out how important site architecture is. Poor site architecture affects user experience and conversions. If a user can’t find the information they’re looking for quickly, they’ll leave your site.

Disavow Link Resources

Backlink Immunity and Disavowed Link Disasters

There is no such thing as a perfect link profile. It’s natural for bad links to mix in with trusted links. When doing a disavow report, make sure to not throw the baby out with the bathwater and disavow your good links.

Will Disavowing a Competitor’s Links Hurt Their Search Rankings?

When preparing a disavow report, if you add your competitor’s website on the list, it is unlikely that their site will be devalued. According to the way Google describes it, submitting a disavow will only disavow the links for your site and not affect any other sites that may have links from your disavowed sites. Some people may think some links are bad, but others will still find value in them.

How to Remove Bad Backlinks & Spam + Disavow Tool File Generator

Unnatural Link Resources

Will Google Punish a Guest Posting Strategy Due to Unnatural Link Patterns?

Even according to Matt Cutts guest posting is acceptable. But there are some cases where it can seem like spam. Google looks for signals that show credibility.

Understanding Google’s Latest Assault on Unnatural Links

If you build links with the intention to manipulate your site’s ranking, Google can penalize your site. Eric Ward’s thought is looking at the history of your link profile will show if you are using link schemes to achieve page rank. There are other factors to take into consideration when wondering if your links are unnatural.

The Unintended Consequences of Link Removal

After Google Penguin hit in 2012, there was a flurry of webmasters removing and disavowing links. When performing a link removal and disavow there are a few criteria you should make sure you follow. After you clean up your site, make sure to make it link worthy with quality content.

Can There Really Be 85 Types of Unnatural Links?

There are many different types of unnatural links. But, even some unnatural links can have a natural element. When cleaning up your backlink profile, keep an eye out for these types links that can look unnatural to Google.

Signs of Linking Over-Optimization

When checking for backlink over-optimization, a good thing to check is your anchor text. Most link manipulation starts with using keyword rich anchor text. In some cases, the site may be beyond help.

How Long Should You Wait Before Submitting a Reconsideration Request?

If you have received a manual link penalty notice from Google, there’s no set amount of time you should wait until you submit your reconsideration request. Waiting 30 days can be a good practice. Just make sure you legitimately try and clean up your links before submitting the request.

Infographics Resources

An Infographic About How to Build Links Using Infographics

Building links using infographics can be an easy way to pursue a link to your website. Eric Ward shows us how to achieve that by using an infographic to teach us.

Hummingbird Resources

Wherefore Art Thou Hummingbird?

Content creators face the challenge of becoming a trusted source of data to show up in Google’s search results.

How Will Google Hummingbird Impact Links? Here Are 6 Ways

Searchers are using their mobile devices more than ever. Since most queries in handheld devices are voice-driven, it stands to reason the search phrases will be longer and formed in a question. Google now tries to answer the questions directly without the user needing to leave their Google page.

Reciprocal Links Resources

Why Subject Specific Reciprocal Links Will Always Be Useful

There’s no magic percentage number on whether your reciprocity links are causing a red flag or not. Although, if 100% of your links are reciprocal, you probably have an issue. There are times when it can be completely natural, though.