How Persistent Should I Be With Link Prospects

How often you follow up when link prospecting is your business of course.

Many in our industry treat candidates like sides of beef. Instead of seeing people, they see targets. Where they may see an email address, a smart link builder will see an opportunity to grow their business.

How many cold emails should you send a prospect before giving up on them?


Your chances of earning a response from a big-league prospect via a cold email are just about nil. So, going that route to gain links makes zero sense.

That’s why we NEVER use any link building strategy that requires us to reach out to prospects cold at our SEO agency. It doesn’t work for us. Instead, we only send our requests to hot candidates who are receptive to the idea.

How we manage to set that up is a strict secret, of course. It’s locked at home in my underwear drawer, so I know it’s safe.

You can refer to Chapter 14 in Eric Ward’s Link Building Book to see where I got the idea for our outreach approach. If you haven’t bought the book yet, you should. Even though Eric wrote it a few years ago, every word in it is still one hundred percent applicable.

[Spoiler Alert – That chapter in Eric’s book (and our outreach system!) involves relationship building.]

How often should you follow up with your link prospects?

That depends on whether you read Eric’s link prospecting chapter yet. If you haven’t and you’re still asking that question, I doubt you care to learn the answer to it anyways.