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Your business is starting to grow now. You worked hard to perfect your products and services. The phone is ringing; sales are climbing, you’re even starting to get referrals. Yet, you suspect you’re not generating as much revenue as you could be due to the fact your site optimization is off.

Making matters worse, is the fact that most optimization tips found online quit working years ago.

A lot of that same information is conflicting, making it near impossible to work on without help from a reputable SEO Agency.

Would you like to take market share from your competition without increasing costs? What about boosting the revenue your website produces for your business? Do you want to one day hand your business off to your children as you retire rich? All that is possible once you start receiving targeted traffic from the search engines.

Consider the mighty Amazon Basin in South America. It’s by far the most exceptional natural habitat on Earth and is the most significant rain forest in the world.

The Amazon River waters the entire area and makes life possible to all animals who live there. Without the river, the whole region would wither and die.

The river all but dries up in the dry season in June through October. It becomes a channel of connected shallow pools, with high sandbanks. As a result, those pools become jam-packed with wildlife. Which of course has dire consequences for all species involved.

If a natural flow of targeted, traffic from the search engines, isn’t hitting your site……you’re fishing where the fish aren’t. But, you’ll learn more about that in a moment.

December marks the beginning of the wet season in the Amazon Basin. It continues through May. With water levels rising as high as six to nine feet, the Amazon River soon floods. When it does, it fills the Basin with water, and the entire area becomes one massive fruit orchard.

Most fruit-bearing trees in the area have learned to drop their fruit when the water reaches this level. Experts guess it’s because they use the water to help disperse their seeds. Only when they do lose their seeds, famished fish congregate and gobble them up as soon as they hit the water.

It’s then that keen indigenous fisherman comes along with ease and catch the fattened fish. They paddle to any tree dropping its fruit, and it doesn’t take long for them to have the food they need for their families.

What does any of that have to do with On Page SEO Services or your business?

Free, targeted traffic flowing to your site will provide sustenance to your business. Much in the same way the Amazon River nourishes the ecosystem surrounding it. If this river of prospects bypasses your website, you will have to pay for Adwords to get them their instead. That’s a lot more costly venture as I’m sure you’re aware.

Getting your website optimized for organic traffic will reduce your dependence on links. Sure you will still need links to earn organic traffic. But, a well-optimized site will reduce the number of backlinks you need to obtain. That fact isn’t going to change anytime soon.

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