Winning in SEO is About Building Relationships Instead of Links

If you’re building links, instead of relationships, I’d be willing to wager you’re not happy with the results those links have been producing for your business. I wouldn’t bet you the house mind you, but it would be more than a dollar.

The system our SEO Agency uses facilitate building relationships with our clients, and their best prospects is simple; we treat their candidates like people, not email addresses or telephone numbers.

Most SEO agencies operate their outreach as if it’s a pure numbers game, and that’s a shame because it’s hurting their clients in several ways.

  1. They catch minnows, instead of tuna. What big league prospect responds to spam email or a cold call? Not many that I know.
  2. Some agencies must send out THOUSANDS of emails to “EARN” a single link. Marketing with blunt instruments hurts your integrity and causes a lot of hard feelings.
  3. Given they must cast such a wide net many of the links they pull in from it are either not relevant to your site, which means the links will be either irrelevant, meaningless, or even toxic.

The real trick to winning in SEO is Building Relationships instead of links. Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you a link.