Golden Prospect Round-Up Package

Finding the people who can help you grow your business just got easier.

Why Targeting Golden Prospects Instead of Link Prospects Is Smarter

A Golden Prospect is a person from your industry who is in a position to send you targeted traffic fast. There are Influencers inside your niche who own successful websites and giant email lists. Winning them over means referrals, and more free traffic from Google. Targeting anyone less than that it is for penny chasers using automated templates to spam inboxes.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will not be able to earn referrals and backlinks from Golden Prospects. Anyone can make friends and influence people. I have proven that fact over and over. Follow the right introduction process that I share and you’re going to have an excellent shot at winning new business with our help.

Note: Here’s my free video course on how to get free referrals and backlinks from Golden Prospects. I was going to send you the training AFTER you purchased this package. But there it is if you need to vet me or my Golden Prospect System of marketing.

A Golden Prospect is not a Link Prospect, They Are So Much More Valuable.

A Golden Link Prospect’s link to your site will help your business in three ways:  

1. You’ll receive referral traffic from their website. You’re going to get visitors from their link when his or her readers click it. Maybe even a lot of them.  

2. Your search engine rankings will improve. Which will result in even more prospects hitting your website and buying your product or service.  

3. The largest authority in your niche will get to know who you are. That’s going to give you the ability to network with this authority.  

What You Get for Your $99.95

The research my team and I conduct for you will give you your best chance at earning links from the people in your industry who can help your business the most. Why target anyone else?

Receive the top 35 people in your industry who can refer you to the fastest flow of new customers

You can’t score links and referrals from Golden Prospects until you know who they are. That will change the moment you receive the research we conduct for you.

Obtain a summary of the type of content they link out to from their website​

Knowing who your best link prospects are is only half the battle. You also need to know what type of content those prospects link out to as well.

Get their email address (if available) so you can get in touch with them​

If you’re ever going to earn links and referrals from the biggest names in your industry, you’re going to need their email addresses. ​

Gather their YouTube videos so that you can watch them and begin commenting on them

An easy way to gain the attention of Golden Prospects is to comment on their YouTube videos. It’s easy, and effective as an icebreaker.

Find out if they have written any kindle books and where you can purchase them

Most people who write a book get very little reviews on it. What’s stopping you from leaving them one? Nothing, once you have a list of your prospect’s books.​

Acquire their newsletter subscription pages to get even better access to them

A great way to get the attention of a high value link prospect is to reply to their newsletter emails. Now you will be able to do the same if you so desire.

Get links to their social media account so you can get the inside track to earning their link​

Chance are your best link prospects are going to be very prolific on social media platforms. Now you won’t have to confine your requests to just email.​

Discover if they post testimonial link on their website and if so, where they are posted​

If your link prospects post testimonials on their website and include a link on them do your happy dance. Mean it though.

Matt has demonstrated to me that his approach to networking, content creation and link outreach has been effective for his clients. And that’s the bottom line. There aren’t many people in the link development field who truly get it.
Eric Ward
AKA LinkMoses

This works for all link assets

Regardless of the type of asset you are attempting to earn links from, this service is what you need. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting an infographic, blog post, free tool, app, you name it, my team will find you a list of Golden Prospects to promote it to.

Money Back Guarantee

If the research we conduct for you does not produce results for you, let me know and I’ll give you your money back. You have my word on it. No questions asked.

A Word From Matt LaClear

“I love SEO and link building. I love thinking of angles that get link prospects to say yes to link requests. I want to share my love and passion with you. That’s what this research package is about. Pay me $99.95 and I’ll grab you a list of Golden Link Prospects that gets results.“
Matt LaClear

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