Are you having a hard time finding an effective link building service?

  • Stop losing revenue to the competitors who are ranking higher than you in the search engines because they hired a better link building service than you did.
  • Get the content you need to earn links from the most prominent authorities in your industry.
  • Build relationships with the most significant influencers your niche has to offer.

Hi, I’m Matt. The fact you’re checking my link building service page tells me you’re looking to get white-hat links that will move the needle on your Google rankings.

Keep reading to find out how I can help you accomplish that. Also, make sure to check out our link building training videos and frequently asked questions while you’re here.

Dramatically Increase the Organic and Referral Traffic Your Website Receives in the Next 90 Days

If you’re looking to increase the REVENUE your website produces for your business by expanding the QUALITY and QUANTITY of the traffic hitting your site, using only 100% white hat tactics, but you’re too busy to do any of the work to make that happen, you’re going to love what I’m about to share with you.

If your current SEO Agency isn’t generating the income for your business that you want, there are two likely reasons:

1. Your content is generic and benefits no one whatsoever.

2. Your link building strategy is WEAK or nonexistent.

Keep reading to find out what you can to finally solve both those problems.

Creating content that earns links to your site is tough work! If that’s something you catch yourself worrying about in your campaigns, you owe it to yourself and your business to learn SEO and do something about it.

Note: Unfamiliar with some of the terms used on this page? Get the answers you need from our SEO Glossary!

What Doesn’t Work in SEO in 2020

Creating content that is just “good enough.” Competition on the web is fiercer than ever these days. Your content needs to WOW not only your buyer prospects but also your link prospects. If it doesn’t, your SEO campaign will fail to boost the revenue your website generates.

Posting your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, or any other social media site. The problem with it is it doesn’t work to earn links. Most people who share your content on social media sites never read it, let alone link to it from their website.

Building meaningless backlinks or worse yet, toxic links that harm your rankings.

Most backlinks built by other link building service providers are useless and will never help to increase the revenue your site produces for your business. Making them might feel like you’re accomplishing something, but, instead, you’re only wasting your time and resources.

What Link Building Success Looks Like in 2020

To succeed in link building today, you need to create HELPFUL CONTENT and get magnificent at conducting link outreaches. There’s no shortcut around that fact either. I wish there were, but there isn’t.

If you’re going to reach out to webmasters and bloggers for links, it might as well be to the top influencers in your industry.

Why waste time on anything else?

Setting your sites on the most significant link targets in your industry will pay huge dividends for you because it will FORCE you to conduct better research and create excellent content.

Target anything less; you can count on the fact you won’t put your ALL into the content you create to meet those objectives.

In Link Building, There is One Metric More Important Than All the Rest

This metric has nothing to do with algorithms, on-page optimization, or anchor text strategies. It also has nothing to do with how fast your site loads, or how many backlinks you have.

What, then, is this metric?

Here it is:

Your Link Outreach Success Ratio with Influencers

In other words, the number of people with influence in your industry you must contact before you find one willing to link to your site.  The lower that number is, the more success you’ll have in generating targeted traffic to your website.

That’s the real secret to winning at link building. Get better results from conducting link outreaches to people of influence in your industry.

Learning How to Earn White Hat Links Takes a Long Time!

If your content is not worthy of receiving links from the biggest names in your niche, your campaign is already floundering. Mediocre links only lead to average search engine rankings and revenue production.

Conducting link outreaches is where most link building service providers blow their link opportunities. You need to be careful about how you approach your link prospects.

When I first started using other link building service agencies to build links for clients, I failed big time. No one responded to their requests.

Which meant if I wanted to get my clients backlinks I had to build them myself by hand if I planned on keeping them as customers. So, that’s what I did. Even though I got good at it, I still consider that decision one of the colossal blunders of my online career.

What I should have done is worked harder on my site content and link outreach attempts until I improved my success rates. Instead, I opted to pursue black hat strategies to fool Google, which put me always at the mercy of their algorithm penalties.

That’s a mistake you don’t have to make yourself now, though.

The Link Prospects You Target Should Meet These Three Criteria

The secret to getting more results from your link building service investment is to target the most significant influencers in your industry as your ONLY link prospects. Creating content, and conducting link outreaches takes a lot of effort. Why not get maximum results from that maximum effort? Aiming for anything else is a waste of time, energy, and resources.

Scoring a Backlink from an Industry Leader Could Be the Gift That Keeps On Giving, Giving, and GIVING to Your Business

  • You’ll receive targeted referral traffic from their website. You’re going to get visitors from their link when his or her readers click it. Maybe even a lot of them. The backlinks built for your business should deliver targeted referral traffic to your site. Avoid creating any backlink relationship that does not do that.
  • Your search engine rankings will improve. Which means, even more, prospects buying your product or service. Google loves to rank sites with strong links. The most potent link building service providers focus on links from the influencers from within your industry. Anyone who tells you different is attempting to sell you mediocre links.
  • The most considerable authority in your niche will get to know who you are. That’s going to give you the ability to network with this Influencer. Effective networking is a big part of what the most successful link builders do. Our link building service is based on that. Networking won’t only help you get excellent links from the influential people in your industry; it will also help you build a long-term relationship with them at the same time. Those long-term relationships may very well end up generating a lot of revenue for your business.

To Earn Links from Industry Influencers, You Need to Have First-Class Content on Your Website

You’re going to reach out to the LARGEST AUTHORITIES in your niche and ask them to link to your content. That’s big! That means before that; you’re going to need to CREATE KICK BUTT CONTENT. Otherwise, you’re going to end up embarrassing yourself.

You might even risk tarnishing your name with the big wigs in your industry for a long time. If not forever.

Reaching out to ask someone for a backlink when your content and site isn’t ready for that is terrible for business. Before that, you need to create GREAT content. Otherwise, you will stand zero chance at earning the influencer’s backlink.

Who the Heck Has the Time to Perform All the Work We Have Included in Our Link Building Service?

You have enough on your plate as it is just running your business. Do you have the time to sit down at your computer for a solid 100 hours to complete the research, content creation, building relationships with authorities in your industry, and link building, and run your business?

Chances are, you don’t. Life is hectic enough in 2020 as it is. Thankfully, my link building service can help you earn the backlinks from your industry’s influencers that your business needs.

I am looking forward to providing a link building service that brings in a healthy ROI for you.

Put me and my link building service squad to work researching the content being created and linked to by the most prominent authorities in your industry. We build relationships with those influencers over the span of 45 days, after which we will ask them to link to the new content we created for your site.

  1. We research the major influencers in your industry: our team studies their content with a fine-tooth comb to figure out what type of material we need to create to earn links from them to your site.
  2. We’ll create first-class tailored content for your website: if your site lacks high-quality content, the influencers in your industry will not link to it. It’s as simple as that. Does the material you have on your website now kick butt and collect links? If not, it will once our team gets to work for you.
  3. When you sign up for our link building service we’ll build relationships with the biggest influencers in your niche and ask them to link to the content we create for you: we do this via their social media posts, blog posts, and by calling them on the telephone. Relationship building is an integral part of our link building service outreach. It’s the only way to win big in SEO in 2020.

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