Is Link Building Dead in 2020?

Is Link Building Dead in 2020?

Building links with the sole purpose of influencing search engine rankings will die one day.

It’s inevitable. You can count on it.

If that fact concerns you, I recommend you adopt a link building strategy that produces referral traffic to your website as well as revenue. That way, you’re not dependent upon the search engines for the traffic your business needs.

Are You Making Sales from Referral Traffic On Your Website?

If you can’t track traffic and sales from the people who click on your links, sooner or later, revenue from your organic traffic will plummet, and you’ll be forced to start your efforts over from scratch.

Sure, your site might be ranking where it is today because of your backlinks, but how long are those rankings going to last?

Not for as long as you would like, unfortunately.

The good news is that there’s always going to be relationships you can build with other business owners to grow your business. You must use your noggin to find those opportunities, but trust me, they exist.

At our SEO Agency call these types of links “Smart Links.” They’re smart because they earn money regardless of what the search engines happen to think about them.

So, is link building dead?

Focus Your Attention on Building Links that Generate Referral Traffic and Revenue

If you make the jump to building these Smart Links, you’ll get to a point where you’ll quit worrying about your search engine rankings.

I promise.

The idea is to foster relationships (and links!) with the people in your industry that can best deliver your business referral traffic and sales and forget about building any other type of backlink.

Do that, and your business will start kicking butt and collecting links in record fashion.

Is Link Building Dead in 2020?

Anyone that tells you link building is dead is building the wrong type of links.

If you build links that generate referral traffic, produce revenue for your business from that traffic, and grows relationships with the top influencers in your industry, you’ll be right where you want to be.

In the money.