How Long Does It Take to See Results from Link Building?

If you have started link building yourself or hired an SEO Agency chances are you’re wondering, How Long Does It Take to See Results from Link Building?

The answer depends on the type of links you’re building, and what you’re hoping to accomplish with them.

Most SEO professionals state that ‘SEO Takes Time,’ and to their credit, they’re correct.
But how long is too long to wait? My answer to that question may surprise you; it also may upset a lot of agency owners.


If Your Links Are Not Generating Revenue from Referral Traffic, Build Better Links

The best way to judge the effectiveness of your links is to track the revenue each link produces for your business from referral traffic. Any backlink that isn’t generating revenue for your business is a link you wasted either your time or your money building.

Too many smart business owners judge the success of their SEO efforts by the amount of money their website brings in from their search rankings. Which is the precise reason why so many business owners operate under the assumption that ‘SEO Takes Time.’

If you’re going to reach out to other companies for links, it might as well be the ones who can deliver the highest levels of profitable traffic. It will generate revenue for you the quickest, plus be the precise type of links the search engines will reward you for having in your link profile.

Seek New Revenue Sources for Your Business, Not Link Opportunities

If a link you build does not immediately begin generating referral traffic to your site, quit building anymore like it. You’ll save your company a boatload of time, money, and effort (and sanity!) if you do.

Anyone that tells you link building takes time before it produces results is creating the wrong type of links.