This Strategy Will Make Influencers Line Up And Beg To Link to You

If your current content marketing strategy is sucking wind, this short post is for you.

To win SEO traffic, you need content that attracts links from the websites of the biggest influencers in your industry.

Those are the sites in your niche that Google trusts. Earning backlinks from them will improve your Google rankings FAST.

Sometimes REAL FAST.

Do you know who else trusts those influencer websites?


That’s why they spend so much time on them. Earning links from sites they hang out in large numbers will EXPLODE your referral traffic numbers.

But why hasn’t that happened for you yet?

Your content lacks utility to the influencers in your industry. What other reason could it be?

It’s a harsh fact of life that no one in your industry owes you a link or referral traffic. That’s something you have to earn, and it isn’t that hard to pull off once you know how to do it.

Influencers WILL NEVER direct their hard-earned visitors and followers to your content if it doesn’t benefit them. To make it benefit them, you need to have content that HELPS their readers.

So you need to create content that has specific utility to the influencer you are targeting.

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy That Benefits Industry Influencers and Your Readers

To help you create the content you need, we created The Content Alchemy Kit and it’s on sale right now for $9.95. We’ve been at this forever, and I assure you our system works.

It’s straight forward and simple to implement too once we put it together for you.

Note: As I was writing this, Brian Dean released his new Content Marketing Hub. Perfect timing because from what I can tell, it ROCKS! I recommend you check it out.

If you prefer to handle your own content research here’s how I suggest you do it.

Choose Your Topic

Our chief aim using this content marketing strategy is to build a bridge from an influencer to our client’s site. Meaning we attempt to develop content based on the specific needs of the Influencers in the industry we’re targeting.

So if it is the SEO Industry, we would target prospects like Search Engine Land, Ahrefs, Backlinko, and Search Engine World. Why? Those are the sites our prospects hang out on in large numbers, and Google happens to trust them all.

The chances of us blindly writing content that appeals to those websites is just about nil. Our only hope then is to study the content gaps on each of their sites to find content we know they’d be willing to link to if approached correctly.

Read the Content on the Influencers Blog

To figure out the content we need to create for clients, we read the influencer prospects’ blog content.

Duh right?

You’d be surprised how many amateurs skip this step. Instead of earning links, they get payment requests from their link prospects.

Yes, this content marketing strategy takes time. But so does growing a business without premium backlinks.

Guess which takes longer.

List All the Different Training Formulas You Find On the Influencer Blogs

As you’re reading through the influencer’s blog list down any training formulas, that you find in their posts.

For instance, they most likely have “How to Guides” posted on their site somewhere. Read through the guides and write down the steps shared in each of them. Do that until you have found at least seven different formulas for success from the influencer.

There’s a reason they are succeeding in your industry and you just found them all.

With this content marketing strategy you’re looking for nuggets you can expand on to compliment what they already have in place on the guides.

Write a Post Summarizing the Formula of Your Influencer and Add a Twist to It

Two things will happen if you summarize the post of an influencer you are targeting for links or referrals. One, your readers will learn a new strategy, and thank you for it. Two, you’ll stand a decent chance of earning a link from the influencer.

You need to do more than summarize their strategy, though. You need to add your flavor to it. Here are some tried and trusted ways to do that:

  • Implement the formula yourself and share the results it brought in for you as a case study for the influencer
  • Add an extra ingredient to the recipe that fills a gap in the method if one exists
  • Create an infographic version of the influencers strategy and post it on your blog

Creating content like this is not hard at all because you’re using the influencer’s formula as your template for the post.

Once you have the post up, you’re ready to put it to work for you.

Introduce Yourself to the Influencer Before Asking for Anything

Asking for links from influencers is a bit tricky. So take it slower than you do with other link prospects.

You only get one chance at introducing yourself to an influencer, so take your time and do it right.

Your goal here at this stage of the content marketing strategy is to get the influencer to perceive you as an authority in your shared industry before asking them to check out your new content. Rush into the ask to fast and you risk getting filtered out by the prospect.

Unwelcomed pests get ignored. Welcomed guests, however, get responses, links, and referrals.

The quickest way we have found to get perceived as a PEST is to make our asks too soon in the outreach process.

Most link builders act like mosquitos and get treated as such by premium prospects. They come in hard and fast, reading zero of the influencer’s content, and slam an outreach message asking for a link to their content.

The problem with that content marketing strategy is that it is not how healthy humans react to one another. It’s how pests act.

That’s why you need to take a different approach with premium prospects.

The good news is I put together a free video on YouTube sharing how to introduce yourself to influencer type prospects once your content is ready for it. It shares everything you need to know to earn the link.