Ecommerce Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

If you would like to grow your business and boost your profit, you are probably looking for additional ways to market your e-commerce business. Who isn’t these days? Following a proven plan lets you decrease your overhead while increasing your conversion rate. Enhancing your conversion rate increases the value of each visitor you get, and […]

Six Quick Tips to Help You Improve Your SEO

Implementing SEO tactics in a thorough marketing strategy can mean the difference between your website struggling or thriving. If you do not have time to listen to an in-depth Kansas City SEO podcast right now, these tips will help you understand where you need to start. Watch Your Competitors You can use online SEO tools […]

Goodbye Eric Ward, You Will Be Missed

A week ago the SEO community bid farewell to one of its pioneers, and I said goodbye to a friend. Eric Ward, aka Link Moses, died in his sleep, and with a blink of an eye the lives and industry he touched changed forever. When it came to his craft, Eric was the best, hands […]

Eric Ward Interview – Small Business Link Earning Tips (Transcription)

Matt LaClear: Eric Ward, I appreciate you taking the time to hop on the telephone and answer a few questions for small business owners about link building. When you first agreed to do it, I almost fell out of my chair., because you’re a freaking rock star in the world of link building. I feel […]