How to Do SEO on Your Own

Waiting for people to stumble onto your website casually isn’t the best way to grow your business. Earning sales from SEO takes time to learn and implement, though. Ideally, you’ll have the means to hire an SEO agency. But if not, you can learn how to do SEO on your own. It’s not easy, but […]

How to Write SEO-friendly Alt Text for Your Images

Wondering how to write SEO-friendly alt text for your images? Including images on your website content will increase your search engine rankings. That’s where SEO-friendly alt text comes into play. What is it, though? The Link Between Your Image Text and Content Your alt text is text describing what is happening in your image. The […]

Welcome to our SEO Glossary [Updated for 2020]!

Learning to improve your rankings on Google is easier when you understand the vernacular. That’s why we created this SEO Glossary for you. Study hard; the vocabulary test is next Friday! ? SEO Glossary Updated for 2020 Understanding the following terms will make it far easier for you to learn SEO. Good luck and happy […]