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How Persistent Should I Be With Link Prospects?

How often you follow up with your link prospects is your business of course.

Many in our industry treat candidates like sides of beef. Instead of seeing people, they see targets. Where they may see an email address, a smart link builder will see an opportunity to grow their business.

How many cold emails should you send a prospect before giving up on them?


Your chances of earning a response from a big league prospect via a cold email are just about nil. So going that route to gain links makes zero sense.

That’s why we NEVER reach out to prospects cold at our agency. It doesn’t work for us. Instead, we only send our requests to hot prospects who are receptive to the idea.

How we manage to set that up is a strict secret of course. It’s locked at home in my underwear drawer, so I know it’s safe.

You can refer to Chapter 14 in Eric Ward’s Link Building Book to see where I got the idea for our outreach approach. If you haven’t bought the book yet, you should. Even though Eric wrote it a few years ago, every word in it is still one hundred percent applicable.

[Spoiler Alert – That chapter in Eric’s book (and our outreach system!) involves relationship building.]

How often should you follow up with your link prospects?

That depends on whether you read Eric’s chapter yet. If you haven’t and you’re still asking that question, I doubt you care to learn the answer to it anyways.

What is a Golden Link Prospect?

If you are not currently building relationships between your company and the BIGGEST NAMES in your industry, you may be wondering what the difference is between a normal link prospect and what our agency calls a Golden Link Prospect (GLP).

A Golden Link Prospect will cause you to do BACKFLIPS when they link to your site.

If you’re in the personal development niche, it will be people like Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss. In SEO, it will be Brian Dean, Rand Fishkin, Joost de Valk, and Eric Ward. In health, it would be Dr. Mercola, maybe even Dr. Oz.


A Golden Link Prospect’s Link to Your Site Will Help Your Business in Three Ways:

  1. You’ll receive referral traffic from their website. You’re going to get visitors from their link when his or her readers click it. Maybe even a lot of them.
  2. Your search engine rankings will improve. Which will result in even more prospects hitting your website and buying your product or service.
  3. The largest authority in your niche will get to know who you are. That’s going to give you the ability to network with this authority.

Effective networking with Golden Link Prospects is a big part of the SEO service we provide to our clients. This not only helps us earn awesome links for our clients but, also, helps facilitate them building a long-term relationship with the GLP’s.

Those long-term relationships may very well end up generating a lot of revenue for their businesses. It’s the type of backlink that could be the gift that keeps on giving, giving, and GIVING to your business.

Will Scoring a Backlink from Your Golden Link Prospect Be Worth the Effort You Spend?

Imagine two vendors with identical products, pricing, and web designs. The only difference between them being one of their sites has a link from a Golden Link Prospect, and the other doesn’t.

Who wins that revenue fight?

If I were a betting man, I would say it would be the vendor with the great link.

Not only will he receive more web traffic than the other supplier, but his conversions will also be higher because he took the time to rock out his site content to earn that backlink.

So, he will get more traffic, he’ll get more conversions, that’s why I think he would win that fight. That’s why it’s important for you to earn links from the main authorities in your industry too.

How Does Building Relationships Factor in Link Building?

If you’re building links, instead of relationships, I’d be willing to wager you’re not happy with the results those links have been producing for your business. I wouldn’t bet you the house mind you, but it would be more than a dollar.

The system we use facilitate building relationships with our clients and their best prospects is simple; we treat their candidates like people, not email addresses or telephone numbers.

How Does Building Relationships Factor in What You Do for Clients?

Most SEO agencies operate their outreach as if it’s a pure numbers game, and that’s a shame because it’s hurting their clients in several ways.

  1. They catch minnows, instead of tuna. What big league prospect responds to spam email or a cold call? Not many that I now.
  2. Some agencies have to send out THOUSANDS of emails to “EARN” a single link. Marketing with blunt instruments hurts your integrity and causes a lot of hard feelings.
  3. Given they have to cast such a wide net many of the links they pull in from it are either not relevant to your site, which means the links will be either irrelevant, meaningless, or even toxic.

The real trick to winning in SEO is Building Relationships instead of links. Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you a link.


Should I Redesign My Website Before I Start Building Links?

Hung up on deciding whether to redesign your site before you start building links to it? It’s hard for me to answer that question without first knowing why you’re considering a site redesign in the first place.

If on the one hand, your current website design is stalling your brand, then I suggest holding off on building links until you get the situation rectified. The last thing you need to be doing is reaching out to people for links under those circumstances.

However, on the other hand, if you’re redesigning the site for any reason other than brand reconstruction, delaying your link building efforts will only stall what you’re trying to accomplish on your website.

That’s how I see the matter at least.


What Link Prospecting Targets Will Help My Business the Most?

Who should you target first in your Link Prospecting Campaign?

The answer, of course, is contingent upon what you’re looking to accomplish with the links you’re building. If you want to generate referral traffic and increase revenue, with the links you earn, I suggest you read the rest of this post carefully. If you follow my suggestions, it will produce links, referral traffic, and a substantial ROI for your efforts.

A quick warning is needed, however, everything you’re about to read flies in the teeth of what most knowledgeable SEO Trainers will teach you to do. Which is why it works to generate money, not everyone is doing it yet.

What Link Prospecting Targets Will Help My Business the Most?

Most SEO Agencies have an incredibly hard time with link prospecting because they target the wrong prospects. As a result, they spend energy and your budget barking up the wrong trees.

Sure, some of them have gotten pretty good at finding guest post opportunities, and EDU links, but will those types of links generate income for your business?

They might if Googe likes the links they build enough. But for how long? Google’s algorithm is always changing, and search engine rankings are never permanent.

That’s why I like targeting buyer prospects as the first link placement opportunities in our client’s B2B campaigns.  They’re the guys and gals buying our client’s products and services. Waiting for them to find our clients on Google makes zero sense when we can reach out to them direct via link prospecting.

Of course, we always need to create a resource those buyer prospects will want to link to, but the same goes for any link building campaign. If you have to create a resource, create it for your buyer prospects, not the search engines.

We make soft touches with these prospects and either earn their link or their business.

How Long Will It Take to See Results from My New Links?

How long does it take to see results from link building?

It depends on the type of links you’re building, and what you’re hoping to accomplish with them.

Most agencies will state that ‘SEO Takes Time,’ and to their credit, they’re correct. But how long is too long to wait? My answer to that question may surprise you; it also may upset a lot of agency owners.

If Your Links Are Not Generating Revenue From Referral  Traffic, Build Better Links

The best way top judge the effectiveness of your links is to track the revenue each link produces for your business from referral traffic. Any link that isn’t generating revenue for your business is a link you wasted either your time or your money building.

Too many smart business owners judge the success of their SEO efforts by the amount of money their website brings in from their search rankings. Which is the precise reason why so many business owners operate under the assumption that ‘SEO Takes Time.’

If you’re going to reach out to other companies for links, it might as well be the ones who can deliver the highest levels of profitable traffic. It will generate revenue for you the quickest, plus be the precise type of links the search engines will reward you for having in your link profile.

Seek New Revenue Sources For Your Business, Not Link Opportunities

If a link you build does not immediately begin generating referral traffic to your site, quit building anymore like it. You’ll save your company a boatload of time, money, and effort (and sanity!) if you do.

Anyone that tells you link building takes time before it produces results is apparently creating the wrong type of links.

How Should I Handle My Link Outreach Campaign?

Looking to add some oomph to your link outreach campaign? Sure you are, what successful link builder isn’t these days?

With a bit of elbow grease on your part and the right bit of instruction from yours truly, your outreach ratios will improve quickly. In fact, link outreach is by far the easiest discipline to master in any link building campaign.

Most novices fail at it though, read on to learn why that is, and what you need to do to ensure your outreach attempts start rocking in results.

Picture of text "Link Outreach Campaign" with blue question mark and your seo squad logo that looks like a bull.
Are You Self-Sabotaging Your Link Outreach Campaign?

Imagine for a moment that you run a major successful blog with hundreds of thousands of loyal readers.

Life is good.

You’re making more money than ever. Working fewer hours, spending quality time with your family, and you’re fit because you have time to work out and eat healthy foods.

After your morning Yoga/workout routine, you sit down to check your emails from the day before.

Checking your merchant account receipts (who doesn’t check those first!), you notice a dozen emails from people you don’t recognize.

All 12 want you to look at their content and then link to it from your blog and then share it on social media. Given the fact you built your blog up to where it is today by providing great content to your readers, your eyes flow deeper into the emails.

Immediately you recognize the wording on ten of them as being copy and pasted clones of one another. The only thing different about them is the link shared at the end of them.

You delete those ten emails without replying.

The remaining two link requests look a lot more promising, so you reply to them.

Out of the two, you end up backlinking to one of their sites.

You are aware of both link builders now but have no clue who the other ten are.

Moral of the story:

The recipients of your backlink requests will first judge those requests by the email or message you send them. If you cannot get past this initial filter, your efforts with them are doomed. Don’t send out canned emails, because you’ll come across as being fake, or worse yet, a liar.. and make sure to have your ducks in a row before starting your link outreach campaign. That means establishing your authority and your site’s authority before you do anything else.

Beyond that bit of obvious wisdom, make sure to also have your ducks in a row before starting your link outreach campaign. That means establishing your authority and your site’s authority before you do anything else.

Moving on to that.

Cold Fact: If You Lack Authority Influencers Will Avoid Your Outreach Efforts Like the Plague

You will need to establish yourself as an authority before anyone will treat you like you are one.

The best way I know to increase the success of your link outreach campaign is to become an authority in your niche. When you do, high-quality backlinks will follow.

Why do you need to have Influencers perceive you as an authority in your niche?

So, they backlink to your site, that’s why. That backlink will generate direct traffic to your site from the influencer’s site. It will help improve your search engine rankings on Google and Bing.

Not only that, the Influencer might even send an email to their list with a link to your site.

When that happens, you better boost the resources on your web hosting. Otherwise, the flood of traffic will crash your site.

Lots of good things happen when an Influencer reacts positively to your outreach to them.


What exactly is an authority?

It’s someone who people pay attention to and who’s opinion they respect and even trust.

Authorities gather links and opportunities from successful link outreach campaign; non-authorities hand out their resumes at job fairs.

How to Establish Yourself as an Authority

If you want to become a successful link builder, you need to learn how to get people who matter the most to pay attention and respect you.

That’s not as easy to do as it sounds.

If you’re attempting to build backlinks without first establishing your authority you’re burnt toast.

Stop Hiding Your Knowledge Behind Price Tags and Opt-In


Want to become an influencer? Become a teacher!

Most website owners make the mistake of hiding their expertise behind price tags and opt-in forms.

The problem with this approach is that most of the Influencers they reach out to will never have access to that knowledge.

Because they hide their expertise, their authority also remains hidden.

Do Teachers Have Authority?

For sure they do!

Teachers gather high-quality links the same as authorities do.


Teachers are authorities!

Some say those who can’t do, teach. But when it comes to building backlinks, that theory falls apart. The best way to become a doer when it comes to building high-quality backlinks is to teach.

Do this mental exercise to understand why this is true.

Close your eyes and think back to who your favorite teacher was in elementary school. Once you have him or her in your mind’s eye, hold them there for a second.

Now imagine your favorite teacher from high school is standing next to him or her.

Now ask yourself this question:

Which one of these former teachers did you hold in higher regard? Chances are you are having a hard time making that distinction.


Because they were your authorities and you respected them both.

As children, we were taught to respect our teachers. If we acted up, we received discipline in some form or another. Whether it was a paddle, a pile of erasers to clean, or a stack of sentences, we got the point lightning fast.

It happened early in our lives, and there’s not much we can do about it.

Except use it to our advantage in earning links.

Do I Need to Create New Content to Earn Better Links?

If your website isn’t earning links for your business that you want, there are two likely reasons:

  1. Your content is generic and benefits no one whatsoever.
  2. Your link prospects are WEAK or nonexistent.

Competition on the Web is Fiercer Than Ever

Your content needs to WOW not only your buyer prospects but also your link prospects. If it doesn’t, your SEO campaign will fail to boost the revenue your website generates.

You say you read that posting your content on social media sites will lead to your site earning backlinks from other webmasters? Yeah, I read that too. I also spent tens of thousands of dollars implementing that tactic for my clients. The problem with it is it doesn’t work. Most people who share your content on social media sites never read it, let alone link to it from their website.

To succeed in link building today, you need to create great content and get magnificent at conducting link outreaches. There’s no shortcut around that fact either. I wish there were, but there just isn’t.

If you’re going to reach out to webmasters and bloggers for links, it might as well be to the top influencers in your industry.

To do that, though, you’re going to need first class tailored content.

To win big in link building, you need EXCELLENT CONTENT. You also need larger than life plans on how to put that content to work for you once you get that content created.

Why waste time on anything else?

Setting your sites on the biggest link targets in your industry will pay huge dividends for you because it will force you to create better content.

Target anything less; you can count on the fact you won’t put your ALL into the content you create to meet those objectives.

What Will You Need from Me to Make My Campaign a Success?

Getting involved in the work we provide you is an absolute essential if you want our help in generating a healthy ROI for your business. I like to discuss that fact with prospects well in advance of them hiring our agency. It saves a lot of hard feelings across the board.

You already know what you expect from us when you hire us; which is to bring in a healthy ROI for your business. Plus you want us to conduct ourselves in a professional manner that reflects well on your business and be easy to communicate with throughout that process.

What do we expect from you though?

Let’s discuss that for a moment.

We will need you, as well as the key players in your business, to attend an onboard call with me. This call could take as long as a couple of hours. So be prepared.

On that call, we will discuss:

  • Linkable assets you currently have at your disposal that we can use as link bait.
  • Vendors you do business with to identify possible link opportunities from their websites.
  • Key performance indicators that we can agree on to gauge the success of our efforts.
  • Job openings your business may have so we can find link opportunities for your job listings.
  • Your biggest competitors and what they are doing to build relationships with Influencers and earn links.

Those are just a few of the things we need to get ironed out in our first call together. It’s an important call, to say the least. After that, we will need you to attend an additional call every month to discuss your campaign.

Note: Most of what we cover on that first call together I follow directly from chapter five of Eric Ward’s “Ultimate Link Building Book.” It’s the book that revolutionized our agencies link building strategies. It’s a good idea to purchase the book whether you hire our company or not. I don’t get any type of commission for it either. So you can trust my recommendation. 😉