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You already know why black hat practitioners buy expired domains. Now you can start using them to build links to your own site in a way that is 100% White Hat, Effective, and Safe!

Dear fellow link builder,


To me there is nothing scarier than flying on any type of airplane. As the look on my face in this picture taken right before a recent flight to Tampa demonstrates. Too many people I meet and talk with feel the same way about building backlinks to their site. They think my fear of flying is as ridiculous as their own phobias are to me. The trick to getting over your fear is to step up and put your big boy or big girl pants on. It’s scary as heck, but always worth it!

How tired are you of checking your rankings on Google every morning only to find out they still aren’t ranking high enough to make any kind of real money for your business?

You’re not alone! Many have the same trouble ranking their sites as you do…

But, while this problem may be common, failure to resolve it can lead to much BIGGER problems for your business down the road, like:

• Empty Lead Reports
• Barren e-Commerce Sales
• Dead Quiet Telephones

Fortunately, there’s a very simple, affordable, and effective way to fix this issue quickly, allowing your company to rank your client sites higher up on top of Google and Bing, and AVOID future disasters!

As A Long Time Link Builder, I’m Uniquely Positioned To Help You Improve Your Website Rankings When You Buy Expired Domains From This Page

I know you’re busy, so I’ll come straight to the point:


Don’t do what I did when my PBN network was discovered and blacklisted back in my black hat days. Save your computer by using our expired domain strategy to build white hat links instead.

My name is Matt LaClear, and for over nine years, I’ve been helping business people like you rank their websites (and client sites!) make more sales and money by eliminating their abysmal rankings on the SERPS.

… And I can help YOU, too!

I first became interested in ranking sites in 2006, while I was an owner of a web development agency. I knew that if I wanted to keep selling websites I was going to have to figure out how to get traffic to them. After all, a website without traffic and sales is an awful lot like a boat without water.

Since then, I have ranked multiple thousands of websites on page one of Google. In fact, I have personally had my hand in ranking over 5,000 sites in the last four years alone.

I’ve also earned a good deal of recognition on the Warrior Forum in the past with what was easily the highest grossing WSO’s in their history up to that time.

If you were a member of the forum from 2009 to 2012 you undoubtedly remember my threads. They were the ones that took a couple minutes worth of scrolling past our testimonials to get to the sales button.

Here’s How I Can Help You With YOUR Business…

I offer link builders like you high quality domains that you can use to improve your search engine rankings. Many link builders use expired domains with High Trust Flow to use as a redirect or as a site in their private blog network. But, if you read on I’ll teach you how to use expired domains to build white hat backlinks.

But I’m getting ahead of myself a bit. Let me get back to the quality of the domains we’re offering you.

The domains we deliver to you will be:

Permanent Links

• High Trust Flow Links
• Premium Aged Links
• Spam Free

10-domain-bundle-product-imageAs my client, my squad and I will roll up my sleeves and get to work for you to find the perfect domains for you, freeing up your time, and allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business… like making more money!

We use the strictest of criteria to make sure the domains we harvest are pure quality and 100% spam free.

If you wanted to buy expired domains for black hat purposes I guess I can’t stop you. But there really is a better way to use them.

Despite what you may have heard on the Internet, expired domains can indeed be (and should only be!) used as a white hat tactic.

Let me explain our process to give you a better idea what I’m talking about:

  1. You sign up for one of our domain bundles below at the bottom of the page.
  2. You then are redirected to a page where you can tell us more about your website and the keywords you want to improve rankings on.
  3. We then scour the Internet for the most potent expired domains (using Majestic’s Trust Flow as the metric that defines their potency).
  4. We then deliver those domains, along with their backlink reports, to you within 72 hours of your order.
  5. You then contact the owners of the websites linking to the expired domain letting them know that they are linking to an expired domain that most likely will be ending up in the hands of Link Spammers soon. After all, if we found the domain, link spammers will too. Simply send them a quick note on their contact page to let them know they are linking to an expired domain and give them a screenshot of it and the page URL the link is on. Of course, you will want to mention your own content on your site as something that will fit well with the page. Do this enough and you will be amazed at how many webmasters will take you up on the offer.

With Our System, You Don’t Even Have To Register
A Single Domain Or Pay Hosting Fees Of Any Kind!

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