The American Dream Is Not Dead Until You Let It Die

Is the American Dream dead?

Usually I dedicate these posts to sharing great marketing tactics you can use to advance your brand and your business and hopefully even your pocketbook.

But on this post I am going to stray from that a bit.

The American Dream is Not Dead!

Instead I want to share my sentiments regarding: 

The American Dream 

I might be accused of being a nationalist for using the term, but so be it.

If you hear me out you find out that isn’t the case at all.

Am I proud to be an American?

You’re darn right I am.

Should you be proud of it too if you’re one?

Heck Yeah You Should Be!

We have more opportunities in this country than any other place since the dawn of civilization. There’s a reason why immigrants have always moved towards the US instead of away from it.

Anyone not achieving it simply isn’t using their available resources.

The American Dream is alive and well and has everything to do with financial independence from the government, employers, and our own wrong thinking.

We live in a day and age where all the tools we need to succeed in business are laying right at our feet.

Tools like:

  • High speed Internet
  • Web 2.0 Sites Like LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Plus a bajillion other tools

The tools we have available to us today are unlike any other the human race has ever had at its disposal.

It’s possible to use those tools to grow your business into a raging success.

If that’s true why do so many people here in the United States believe that their American Dream is dead?

No way is the American Dream dead!

  • Maybe the “American Dream is Dead” sentiment has nothing to do with the economy, or the current President, or the tools you have or don’t have available to you.
  • Maybe the problem has nothing to do with the clothes you wear or the car you drive or the size of your bank account.
  • Maybe the problem has to do more with your head and the way you think and react to the world than anything else.  

When you lose hope of success, your money and happiness go with it in a heartbeat.

Not only that, your ideas and energy start to fade quickly too.

So do your relationships.american dream

Your family might not say anything to you when you’re in the dumps. They may not communicate to you that you’re making them sick to their stomach with your moping.

But I guarantee you they’re thinking it.

There Comes a Time When You and You Alone Have a Responsibility to Turn Your Thinking Around

If you’re sitting around thinking the reason you feel so bleak about your future is because your sales are down, boy do I have news for you.

You don’t feel down because your business is down. Instead your business is down because you’re feeling down.

See the subtle difference?american dream cow

In actuality it’s about as subtle as a bull in a china shop.

Things aren’t as bad as you think they are and they’re going to get even better in the near future.

You’re Not Going To Be Able To Resurrect Your American Dream By Working Harder 

I’m going to tell you a little secret from something I learned when I was younger and used to work 100 hours a week and more.

I’d go to work at six o’clock in the morning and my wife and kids would still be in bed when I left. Then when I got home 16 hours later they would all be back in bed again.

It got to the point where my younger kids started treating me like a stranger.

I worked that way for years, seven days a week. Full throttle forward as they say.

I’d take Sunday morning off to go to church with my family.  But the whole time I was at church I was thinking about business. american dream and hard work

It was no way to live a life. I eventually broke down with all kinds of health and spiritual issues as a result.

It wasn’t until after I recuperated from that breakdown that I was finally able to break through and start earning the money I wanted to earn without killing myself in the process.

As a human machine, our bodies need rest.  There is no getting around that fact either.

You take a tired body, a tired mind, and couple it with a worried mind and there’s trouble sure to follow.

You can count on it Jack.

Make A Pact To Quit Worrying About Your Present And Future Financial Issues

Instead pay more attention to your mind. Your body. Your soul. Your family. The Tools and opportunities you have in front of you today.

american dream takes effort

So this little problem with the economy or whatever, let’s not make mountains out of mole hills.

So if you’re feeling depressed it’s because you turned on a depression switch that you need to turn off.

It’s not your current circumstances or the prospect of a bleak future that’s bumming you out.

Rather, it’s your frame of mind that’s causing your current circumstances.

I come from a family steeped in tradition. Work harder, you’ll make more money.  Go to school, get an education and then go get a job. Be productive, get a job.  Work harder.

I’m here to tell you, that doesn’t work.

american dream takes persevrance

There’s nothing wrong in having a job, but I’m a big believer that you need to own your own business.

You need to build your own future.

You need to sow your own fields so when those crops pop up lush in the field, you’re taking home the money. Not your boss.  Not the person who owns the field.

Hang Around And Partner With People That Are Living Their American Dream

I learned a long time ago that the people who surround you want you to fit into their life.

They don’t want to fit into yours.

If you’ve got four or five friends that have never made big money and are living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe they’re a GM worker.  Maybe they’re a retail worker.  They know what they earn is what they earn. They get up on Monday and they go to this nightmare of a job and at the end of the week they hold their hand out to get paid.

You have most likely worked your own share of nightmare jobs. On payday you wanted your check just like everyone else. When you got sick of living from paycheck to paycheck you decided to start your own business.

Who were your biggest critics when you made that decision?  Those friends that are working jobs.


They’ll tell you things like:

  • “Oh, that doesn’t work.”
  • “You don’t want to do that.”
  • “The American Dream is dead.”

Protect yourself from their poison. It’s not only toxic to your future but also highly contagious to you as well as your spouse and children.

Your financial enemies can still be your friends.  But financially you have to separate yourself from them.

Which means you have to draw the line as to how you will let them influence your life, your decisions, as well as your dreams.

To Realize Your American Dream, You Must Protect Yourself From Chicken Crap

You have to decide where you want to be in life.

Your friends don’t want you to be a millionaire because they don’t know any millionaires.

They don’t want you to have hope in your future because they don’t have hope in their own.

It’s not that they’re against you. It’s just that they don’t understand what you’re trying to do in your life.

I’m here to tell you, your dreams and the American Dream are very much alive and well.

Yes, for whatever reason the economy is down.

So what.

No chicken little, the american dream is not dead

That’s just because there’s a lot of chicken craps running their mouths about how bad it is.

Commerce is still taking place all across the globe.

That is never going to change.

People want to deal with confident people though.  People want to deal with people that believe in themselves.

They want to do business and hang out with people that still believe in the American Dream.

But your mind set’s got to be one that’s laser focused.

Are You Ready To Take Charge?

If you don’t take advantage of your opportunities, folks, you may as well not even have them.american dream thoughts

You can succeed.

You must succeed.

You will succeed.

If you want a new car, put a picture of that new car on your mirror, look at it every day.

If you want to get out of debt, write the debt on the piece of paper and say I’m going to clobber this debt.

If you want your kids to go to better colleges, you have to make that a goal.

But I’m telling you:

If you don’t ignore the doubts of others you most likely will not succeed in your endeavors.

What you need is confidence and what you need is belief that what you’re doing and a firm understanding of what you are going to accomplish in the future.american dream takes a leap of faith

When a challenge arises, how you deal with that challenge is up to you.

I choose to be a winner.  I choose to win for my family.  I choose to pay whatever price I have to pay to win. Therefore I will win.

Competition is the lifeblood of business.  You have to learn to become a competitor.

There are winners and losers in life.  There will always be winners and losers.  You need to win.  Your job is to win.   Your spouse depends on it if you’re married.  Your children depend on you winning.

So start winning already!

If you don’t get up every day and do all you can to advance your dreams you’re letting the people that love you down.  You’re letting your family down.


Life is tough, it’s going to beat you down, but you got to beat back and I believe you can.

You just have to do it.  And what is amazing to me is that so many of us today have given up on that front.

If you don’t get in touch with your positive mental approach to your business, you will exude failure.

american dream requires you to be tough

Your friends and family will see it on your face and in your body language.

So will your prospects and customers.

I’m going to give you guys the absolute secret to success:

It’s determining your reason for doing what you do.  If your why makes you cry, you will never let anybody stop you from becoming a raging success. If your “why” makes you cry you will win. 

american dream does not require luck

In fact it will be impossible for you to lose.  Nobody will be able to stop you.

Nobody will be able to beat you down. Because your vision to succeed is what will drive you to win.

If you don’t have a why, why are you doing it?

You have to have a “why”.  It’s so common sense, but people just miss it.

If you don’t have an “I did it because of”, you’ll never do it. You also will eventually quit believing in your American Dream.

Other people will bring you down. They will try to stop your dream. You’ll muddle through wondering “what if”, “maybe I could have” “maybe I should have”.

But if you have a why and a reason to determine your path to success, you will win.  

You Will Achieve Your American Dream


take pride in the american dream

You will win not only for your family, you will win for yourself.  You will win in business and your competitors will fear you.

It is a good thing to have your competitors fear you in the marketplace.

Your reputation will precede you.

Once you decide why you do what you do, it’s like a ton of bricks lifted off your back.

Too many people miss it.

The American dream is here.

It’s living and growing.

Give yourself a chance, if your business isn’t working for you, then find a business that does.  Or get yours to work for you by getting your head right.  By tuning in and getting pumped up about your dream.

Don’t you dare tell me the American Dream is dead. It’s alive for every single person on this planet if they let it be.