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If you’re looking for an SEO tutorial that will teach you how to increase the REVENUE your website produces for your business by increasing the QUALITY and QUANTITY of the traffic hitting your site, using only 100% white hat tactics, and you’re not afraid of hard work…


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SEO tutorial author

Matt LaClear, Head of Content Creation & Link Building

Why Your SEO Campaigns Fail

My name is Matt LaClear, and I’m in charge of link building and content creation for Your Ad Squad LLC. We’re a small (and booked!) SEO agency based in Mason, Michigan.

If your website isn’t generating the income for your business that you want, there are two likely reasons:

  1. Your content is generic and only benefits the writers you paid to create it.
  2. Your link prospects are WEAK or nonexistent.

In this SEO tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to overcome both those hurdles regardless of your current skill level or budget. Heck, the tactics you’re about to learn to require no budget whatsoever.

What Doesn’t Work In SEO In 2017

  • Creating content that is just “good enough.” If your content isn’t earning links from the top pros in your industry, you have a lot of work in front of you. Competition on the web is fiercer than ever these days. Your content needs to WOW not only your buyer prospects but also your link prospects. If it doesn’t wow both groups, your SEO campaign will fail to boost the revenue your website generates for your business.
  • Posting your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, or any other social media site. You say you read that posting your content on social media sites will lead to your site getting links? Yeah, I read that too. I also spent tens of thousands of dollars implementing that tactic for my clients over the years. The problem with it is it doesn’t work. Most people who share your content on social media sites never read it, let alone link to it from their website.
  • Begging for backlinks via email and contact forms on websites never works. No one will link to your site unless they first have a reason for doing so. That reason has to be something that benefits them. If you fail to create this type of content or in relaying what your link prospect will get from linking to you, that’s begging. Stop it; it’s only hurting your business, not helping it.
  • Building meaningless backlinks. Most links you build yourself are useless and will never help to increase the revenue your website produces for your business. Building them might feel like you’re accomplishing something, but, instead, you’re only wasting your time.

It Takes Great Content & Well Oiled Link Outreach Campaigns to Earn Backlinks in 2017

To succeed at SEO today, you need to get good at conducting link outreaches. There’s no shortcut around that fact either. I wish there were, but there just isn’t.

If you’re going to do a link outreach, you might as well conduct link outreaches to the top people in your industry. To do that you’re going to need first class tailored content.

That’s why I like this SEO tutorial so much. It puts all that together into a complete package for you to work on for free.

Any work you put into this challenge is going to pay off for you.

SEO tutorial author playing bass guitarWarning: Many other SEO tutorial authors caution against targeting your best link prospects first. They will lead you to believe it is better to get your “sea legs underneath you” before you start swinging for the fences with your link building. 

To win big in SEO, you need excellent content. You also need larger than life plans on how to put that content to work for you once you get that content created. Why waste time on anything else?

Setting your sites on the biggest link targets will pay huge dividends for you because it will force you to create better content. Target anything less; you can count on the fact you won’t put your ALL into the content you create to meet those objectives.

Trust me on this. I have failed at more SEO campaigns than I care to admit to because it was easier to build mediocre content than it was excellent content. As a result, I had to work much harder to get links placed.

That may be the boat you find yourself in right now.

If you complete this SEO tutorial that will all change though like it did for me.

You’ll not only learn who your best link prospects are and the type of content they link to, but also how to create even better content. Then how to reach out and ask them for a link.

That’s the whole premise behind the Shoot for the Moon Backlink SEO Tutorial

Before we go any further, let me ask you a question.

How you answer will tell me, as well as yourself, why you have been successful up to this point in SEO or why you haven’t.

Here’s the question.

Is Your Website Content Worthy of Receiving a Link from Someone Big in Your Industry?

Your site might have content on it. It might even read well, and be well optimized for the search engines. But that doesn’t mean anyone of importance is ever going to link to it.

That’s what makes this SEO tutorial so compelling.

It’s going to force you to get your “stuff” together right out of the gate. By aiming big, you’re going to win big.


You’re going to reach out to the LARGEST AUTHORITIES in your niche and ask them to link to your content. That’s big! That means before that; you’re going to need to CREATE KICK BUTT CONTENT. Otherwise, you’re going to end up embarrassing yourself, and that would be bad.

Maybe real bad. You might even risk tarnishing your name with the big wigs in your industry for a long time. If not forever.

Reaching out to ask someone for a backlink when your content and site isn’t ready for that is bad business.

So before that, you need to create GREAT content.

What type of material is that? That’s where research comes in, and I’m going to teach you how to do that too in this SEO tutorial.


SEO tutorial challenge

You have two choices if you discover your content IS NOT currently kicking butt and collecting links:

  1. Continue researching what great content is, then start tweaking your own until it does start earning backlinks. (The more profitable choice by far).
  2. Give up on creating exceptional content and link outreaches, and start building and buying meaningless bull manure links instead. (The death knell of any SEO campaign).

If you ever hit that fork in the road and ended up taking the easier, smellier, less productive path, I know how you feel. I’ve done it hundreds of times over the years. But it’s a mistake I don’t make anymore.


I found a better way to build backlinks for our clients.

If your content is not worthy of receiving links from the biggest names in your niche, your SEO campaign is floundering. Mediocre links only lead to mediocre rankings. By preparing your content to be linked to by authorities, you’re setting the bar very high for your campaign. That’s how you win at SEO. That much I do know. Aim big, win big.

So my specific challenge for you?

I double dog dare you to start shooting for the moon with your content creation and your link outreach efforts!

It’s going to require a lot of extra effort on your part. I won’t sugarcoat that fact either. There are no push-button strategies to building yourself up as an authority in your niche.

That’s what this SEO tutorial is all about.

You know who else wasn’t afraid to shoot for the moon with his goals?

Let me tell you about him.

John F Kennedy’s Silly Moon Dream

John F Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States. He was no shirker or a dreamer of small dreams, nor did he set small goals for himself or the country.

The fact he became President shows he set big goals for himself. But early in his administration, he got his mind centered on the most audacious goal ever attempted by humankind. He didn’t sugarcoat the work that would be involved in completing that most audacious of goals.

What was that goal?

Of course, it was to land a man on the moon and bring that man back to Earth again. As far as goals go that one was a WHOPPER of one! JFK wasn’t shy about sharing that goal with the American people either.

Now listen to a short clip of a speech he had made six years before Neil Armstrong took his critical one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. Ask yourself if he sounds like a man determined to achieve mediocrity or something much more than that.

Judge for yourself.

Talk about a stirring speech. It served to galvanize the nation to come together to get to the moon and got to the moon they did.

If you bring that mindset into this challenge and your link building, would it have a positive or a negative impact on your efforts? I’m betting it would have a HUGE impact, BIG  TIME, even.

Man didn’t walk on the moon by accident. It took a huge dream and a lot of effort to get us there and back. The same will be true of your pursuit of the best link opportunities your industry has to offer.

You doubt whether or not you can pull any of this off?

There were naysayers back in JFK who thought for sure it would be impossible to get to the moon and back. But he ignored those people and plowed ahead with his plan. He ended up getting us to the moon and back too.

That’s what you have to do with any negative (and WRONG!) thoughts you have about being able to accomplish what I just asked you to perform. Shut it out and aim for the moon baby!

Who Am I to Lead You On This Challenge?

Alright, you might be thinking, Matt, all that makes sense.

If I shoot for the moon with my backlinks, create great content, be persistent in my link outreach efforts, things are going to be great.

But, why are you the one to teach me all this?

Okay, I get that question.

The answer? I might not be.

Let me explain.


Here is the avatar I used when I sold SEO services in the “Golden Days.” For some reason, it brought better conversions in than using my picture did. Go figure.

At one time, I was responsible for ranking over 5,000 of our clients’ sites onto page one of Google for their chosen keywords. My clients have generated millions of dollars in revenue from those rankings.

I have been to the moon and back as far as SEO goes, and I have the battle scars to prove it too.


A lot of those rankings came before 2012. I grabbed them by fooling Google into believing my client’s websites had better content and more fans than they did.

I used those tactics because they worked. It was black hat, and I didn’t care either. In fact, I was proud of it. The fact it generated revenue for my clients is ALL that concerned me.

In 2012 I changed my mind forever about black hat tactics, though. It was a tough transition to make moving from black hat to white hat tactics, but it was so worth it.

What happened to change my way of thinking?

Google came out with their Penguin algorithm that started penalizing the exact tactics I was using.

The result?

Thousands of Our Clients Lost Their High Rankings On Google Overnight

Our customers lost their rankings, and I dropped my membership at the Country Club.

Both hurt me tremendously.

It had always been a dream of mine to become a member of the ritzy club I caddied at when I was twelve years old. My dad thought it would be a good experience for me. It was too. It made me want more out of life. I didn’t earn much money at it because I stunk as a caddy. It was hot sweaty labor that paid what seemed like pennies. Plus I despised the way some of the members there treated me.

So, I made up my mind to one day become a member there. Fast forward 30 years and that goal became a reality. Not only that, but I was also able to pay for my dad to become a member there too.

Talk about a dream come true. It was unbelievable! The service was exemplary, and it was “Mr. LaClear this, Mr. LaClear that”, everywhere we turned.



Here is the vanity plate I used to have on my red Mustang convertible. Now I keep it in my desk drawer to remind me that pride ALWAYS comes before a fall. The climb back up is where muscles and systems are born, though.


As much as I missed the first class treatment I received there, IT WAS ONE HUNDRED TIMES WORSE SEEING MY CLIENTS SUFFER BECAUSE OF THEIR LOST RANKINGS.

Yeah, our business suffered rank losses, and we lost 90% of our income almost overnight. But a lot of our clients had hope for the first time in their business because we were able to get them page one rankings on Google. As a result, they started earning the type of money they always wanted to make from their business. That was all erased by the algorithm change.

That is a period I will NEVER forget, and it changed me. Which is why I’m offering you this course for free, I want to help you get more successful at SEO.

Why I Created This Free Series for You

We do great work for our clients, but we’re a small agency, and we have no room for new customers. So I didn’t put this course together in the hopes that it would lead you to hire our company for your SEO campaign. We’re busy enough as it is, the last thing I want to get is even more hectic. I’m happy with my lifestyle the way it is, and I have no plans of killing myself in the pursuit of riches.

Switching our focus from black hat tactics was a long, arduous process, but I eventually learned a better way to earn backlinks for our clients. I stayed in the industry; I didn’t quit, it’s amazing what you can learn when your back gets shoved up against the wall, and you refuse to give up.

That system is what I am going to teach you throughout this series, and what I am challenging you to adopt in your business. It’s a system that will work for you if you see it through.

The Premise of the Challenge

Most SEO campaigns fail because of inferior site content. That’s the cold hard truth.

If your rankings stink, then your content is inferior. If your rankings are bad, it’s usually the fault of your content.

Anyone who tries to tell you different is wrong, and they’re trying to sell you something.

What’s inferior content, though?

In an SEO sense, it’s content that will NEVER earn a link BY ANYONE PROMINENT in your industry. Or any other industry for that matter.

You need to create content that works to establish yourself as an authority. That’s the only way to win big in this challenge.

Mediocre content and average backlinks will only establish you as being MEDIOCRE.

With that in mind, are you willing to Shoot for the Moon and get this challenge started?

I hope so because I’m ready to get rocking in it with you!

Before you can get started grabbing backlinks from the very best link opportunities, you need first to find those opportunities.

So let’s get this bad boy rolling.

Task #1 –> Declare Who Your Number One Link Prospect Is Going to Be

Grab a legal pad, and then write down the name of the biggest person in your industry. That’s the person you’re going to work super hard to earn a backlink from to your site.

Who is the largest name in your niche?

That’s the person you’re going to work hard to get to backlink to your site.

Let’s call him or her your Golden Prospect.

Golden Prospects are the ones that would cause you to do BACK FLIPS if they ever linked to your site. If you're in the personal development niche it would be names like Tony Robbins, and Tim Ferriss. In SEO, it would be Garrett French, Rand Fishkin, and Eric Ward.

Golden Prospects’ will cause you to do BACK FLIPS when they link to your site. If you’re in the personal development niche, it will be people like Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss. In SEO, it will be Garrett French, Rand Fishkin, and Eric Ward.

A Golden Prospect’s link to your site will help your business in four ways:

  1. You’ll receive referral traffic from their website. You’re going to get direct traffic from their link when his or her readers click it. Maybe even a lot of it.
  2. Your search engine rankings will improve. You can count on a lot more targeted traffic hitting your site.
  3. The largest authority in your niche will get to know who you are. That’s going to give you the ability to network with this authority and to earn even more backlinks from them. Effective networking is a big part of this SEO tutorial. It’s not put together just to help you get awesome links from influential people in your industry; it’s also about building a long term relationship with them at the same time.
  4. Some of the Golden Prospect’s readers will visit your site, purchase from you, and link to it. When’s the last time you made sales from someone clicking one of your backlinks to get to your site? What happens when you get a link from an industry leader, and you take the time to build a relationship with them, they will graft you on to their site.

That one backlink could be the gift that keeps on giving, giving, and GIVING to your business.


Will Scoring a Backlink From Your Golden Prospect Be Worth The Effort You Spend?

Let me answer that question this way:

Imagine two vendors with identical products, pricing, and web designs. The only difference between them being one of their sites has a link from a Golden Prospect, and the other doesn’t.

Who wins that revenue fight?

If I were a betting man, I would say it would be the vendor with the great link.

Not only will he receive more web traffic than the other supplier, but his conversions will also be higher because he took the time to rock out his site content to earn that backlink.

So he will get more traffic, he’ll get more conversions, that’s why I think he would win that fight.

That’s why it’s important for you to earn links from the main authorities in your industry too.

Now go ahead and grab that legal pad and jot down the numeral Uno person rocking your industry right now.

This SEO tutorial is about starting your link campaign BIG!

So, SWING HARD for the fences.

You want maximum results from the maximum effort you’re about to spend. That will only come from targeting the biggest name in your industry as your first link prospect.

Watch Me Work On This Challenge Alongside You

Given the fact that I’m not anxious to alert my client’s competitors of the tactics we’re using against them, I will focus my efforts on this SEO tutorial to attract backlinks to the blog you’re on now.

It’s brand new, so there’s work to be done on it. It’s work I’ll document throughout this challenge.

Since my blog is a new one, getting a backlink from Eric Ward will be an ENORMOUS benefit to it.

As I walk you through this SEO tutorial, I will work alongside you on the same tasks, and see what I can do about landing a link from Eric Ward.

Whom I never met.

Since my agency is small, there’s no way he has ever heard of me.

The only thing I know about him now is that he coauthored the link building book I have been using as a reference guide for the last three years.

While I have respect for him, my reaching out to him will be cold. Well my first contact with him will be cold. By the time I ask him for a link, he will know me a bit better. Later on in this challenge, I’ll show you how to reach out to your Golden Prospect and build a working relationship with them before asking them for anything.


Since my SEO Blog is a new one, getting a backlink from Eric Ward will be an ENORMOUS benefit to it.

Your Golden Prospect for This Challenge Must Meet These Three Criteria

They must:

  1. Be an active authority in your niche.
  2. Run a current blog with a high Trust Flow score.
  3. Target the same buyer audience that you do.

If the person you’re thinking of doesn’t fit those three criteria choose someone else who does meet them. Otherwise, this SEO tutorial won’t work for you.

In the case of my Golden Prospect, Eric Ward, he is still an active authority in link building. He also has a blog he keeps semi-updated at, and his site has high Trust Flow. Given the fact that his readers are link builders it also fits the third criteria I listed above.

So, I’m ready to go with Eric as my Golden Prospect, and I wrote his name down on my legal pad.


At this point, you should have a legal pad in front of you with the name of your first monster link prospect.

Easy stuff so far.

Task #2 –>Find Your Golden Prospect’s Main Keywords

Go ahead and first write down your Golden Prospect’s website address under their name on your legal pad. After that, visit their website on your computer, and then pull up the source code.

The keywords they optimized their home page meta title, and description will often be their top keywords. You’ll use those keywords to get a few more keywords ideas and to find other link prospects to target a bit later on in this SEO tutorial.

In the code look for the meta title and meta description towards the top of the page. Once you find them locate the keywords mentioned in them.


I found “link development strategy” and “sustainable linking strategies” in Eric’s code.

Now take the keywords you wrote down and Google them to find other related keywords. Scroll down to the bottom of the search results page to find others keywords Google suggests for that term. Write all the pertinent keywords down on your legal pad next to the other keywords you have listed.



Task #3 –>Find a Few Other Excellent Prospects to Target Later On

Google the keywords and find the top three blogs ranking for each of them.

In my case, I found another six authority sites.

The number you end up with will vary depending on how many similar keywords you found on Google.

Write the site names you find towards on the upper part of your legal pad.

So, by now you will have something on your legal pad that looks like this:


Task #4 –>Doing More Research on Your Golden Prospect

This step you’ll play more the part of a private investigator than a content creator. The info you need is accessible; you should have no trouble finding what you need.

Write down the following on a new sheet in your legal pad:

  1. Their Facebook Page URLs.
  2. Their LinkedIn and Twitter Profile URLs.
  3. The last 12 websites they linked to from their blog.

After doing that here’s what the second sheet on my legal pad looks like:


Once you have all this information collected, move on and do the same for their competitors.

Put the info you collect on their competitors on separate pages on your legal pad. Otherwise, it will get messy fast.

By now, you are starting to fill up a legal pad with notes for your awesome, AWESOME, link building campaign you’re starting to launch as you work through this SEO tutorial.

Task #5 –> Follow the Prospects on Twitter

Now is when you get to play the role of an online stalker. But in a cool, non-creepy sort of way. What you do is visit each of the authorities you listed on your legal pad and then follow them on Twitter.


There are a couple of other things you need to do other than just following them.

  1. Create a public list and add them to it. Don’t name it something anything obvious like “link prospecting targets.” Instead, name it something that will acknowledge their authority in your industry. Something like, “My Favorite Financial Bloggers” would work great, which will double your initial exposure with the influencer because they’ll get two notifications. The first will be when you follow them, the second when you add them to your public list. I call it a double tap exposure. There is nothing creepy about it either. Just a second reinforcement exposure. Tap, tap. That gets people’s attention.
  2. Set up TweetDeck to display the tweets of the prospects in your Twitter public list. Adding them to a list will make it easier for you to keep track of all their Tweets using TweetDeck. Your goal is to get a good feel for the types of sites they link to on a regular basis. Every time they share a link to a site that isn’t their own they are demonstrating what kind of content they like. So, learn, mimic, and improve on that content.

link prospecting tutorial - tweetdeck-screenshot

Task #6 –> Read All the Golden Prospect’s Blog Posts

Do you wear reading glasses? If so, you’re going to need them.

This step involves a couple of hours a day worth of reading. Skipping it could end up being detrimental to everything you’re looking to do with your SEO campaign. So, don’t skip it.

Most SEO amateurs skip reading the blog posts of the bloggers they want a link from because they feel it will take up too much of their time. It’s a sentiment I held myself for years, and it was stupid, stupid, stupid. I didn’t want to read anyone else’s content, I just wanted to create my own, and that was a BIG MISTAKE.

Now it’s one of my favorite ways of spending my free time. When you read the posts of your link prospects, you pick up who they link to and why.

If you want to be taken seriously by the people in your industry, you need to become a reader if you aren’t already.

Stupid simple, right?

For sure it is.

But, most SEO amateurs skip it because they think it takes up too much of their time. It’s a sentiment I held myself for a lot of years.

Now it’s one of my favorite ways to spend my evenings. When you read through the posts, you will pick up on who they link out to and why.

You will also get a vibe for their readership and why they give monster backlinks to the sites that they do.

Warning: If you’re not willing to devote a couple of hours a day to reading good blog posts and watching training videos this SEO tutorial is not for you. To be the best in your industry, you have to first learn from the best.

Make sense?


Spending time on Netflix isn’t going to help your business. Neither is watching silly pet videos on YouTube. As cool as those things are they are not going to cut the mustard as far as helping your SEO campaign goes.

Instead, if you start reading the blog posts of your link prospects pay huge dividends on the time you invest.

Task #7 –> Read Every Post the Golden Prospect Has Linked to in the Last 24 Months

As smart as it is to read your link prospect’s blog posts, reading the posts they link to is just as smarter.

The idea here is to learn what kind of content your prospect links to the most often. Why? So, you can later create better versions of that same type of content.

It’s a process that isn’t all that hard once you know how to do it. That’s something I’ll share with you in a later lesson of this SEO tutorial.

There is no better way to do that than studying the posts authorities in your niche link out to from their sites.

How Much Time Should You Spend on This Research Phase?

You should never stop reading the posts authorities in your niche link to from their blogs. Once you get caught up on all their posts, it will take less time staying current with their new ones.

As far as this challenge goes, you should spend as much time as you need to read through all the posts you need to read.

SEO tutorial time-for-review

End of Part One – What Next?

The steps I covered in this first chapter of this SEO tutorial taught you the importance of swinging for the fences with your link building and content creation.

I also went over why reading their blog posts should be what you spend most of your time doing in the next couple of weeks.

Get your reading homework out of the way before you move on to the next lesson in this series.



In Part two of this SEO tutorial, I will share detailed steps on what we need to do next in our quest for a backlink from your Golden Prospect.

That’s when the fun kicks in! See you, then!!


  1. Choose your Golden Prospect.
  2. Find his or her website and blog.
  3. Write down the main keywords they target on their home page.
  4. Study all their blog content, and watch all their videos. (No matter how long it takes!).
  5. Read the posts they link to from their blog.
  6. Study 11 Reasons Link Building Is a Futile Waste of Time — And One Big Reason It Isn’t
  7. Watch Link Building Strategies Q/A Live Video with Eric Ward aka LinkMoses (recorded live)
  8. Proceed to the next chapter of the SEO tutorial.

If you have any questions regarding this SEO tutorial, suggestions, or areas you disagree with me on I want to hear from you. Post them as comments below. Thanks!

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    • Thank you Jim! I learned the value of using legal pads from Darrin Mish. Keep up the GREAT fight down there in Tampa!

  • Joe Tallon

    Awesome post! What a well thought out map, to the moon and back! You definently have the heart of a teacher! Your honesty and genuine character you display is refreshing! Very well done!

    • Thanks Joe! I appreciate you saying that. We all need to hear kudos more than we do. So thanks again!

  • Kevin Wood

    Hi Matt awesome reading, I sure am glad that I chose you and your team to work with on promoting my company. God knows I could not do what you are doing on getting me and my company connected with the public. Thank you and keep up the awesome work. Take Care for now Kevin.

    • Thank you for your kind words Kevin. We’re very happy to have you join our business family!

  • Jeremy Jaynes

    Hey Matt Great post here! I appreciate the honesty. Matt has always done a great job with my sites.

    • Matt LaClear

      Thanks, Jeremy, honesty is always best, it’s the only real platform in which we can grow. We enjoy rocking on your sites!

    • Thanks Jeremy! We’re having fun rocking your campaigns out!

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