SEO Optimization Tutorial for Beginners – Content Creation Starters

So far throughout this SEO optimization tutorial, you have been performing a lot of research, doing a lot of reading, and studying of your Golden Prospect’s content.

Which I think is awesome!

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Don’t Feel Like Reading this SEO Optimization Tutorial? Watch the Video Version Instead!

Note: The entire video series is available for free at If you’re new to this SEO optimization tutorial series, I recommend you click here to start at the beginning. You’ll get more from your efforts if you do. It’s also important to complete the homework section in each chapter if you’re participating in the challenge.

To become a LEADER in your industry, you first have to become a READER in your industry. To become the best in your industry, you first have to learn from the best.

That’s what this entire SEO optimization tutorial has been about so far, learning from the biggest influencer in your industry, to pick up on clues on why they are as successful as they are. Also to determine what type of content they publish, as well as what kind of content they link to from their site.

By now you should be an expert on your Golden Prospect.

If you have been reading their content, taking notes, and filling up your legal pad with the homework assignments, you’re in a good position to be able to create the content you need to earn the link from your Golden Prospect

Content creation causes a lot of link builders to freak out, because reading is one thing, taking notes is another thing, but creating the actual content flips them out.

If that’s you, don’t fret it! You’re going to learn an easy way to create the content you need. It’s something I’ll start teaching you to do in a moment.

What Format Should You Use?

Now that the research you needed to perform on your Golden Prospect is taken care of; it’s time to create the content you need to earn the link from them that you want.

But what format should you use?

Let’s talk about that for a second.

The Format Options You Have at Your Disposal

When it comes to deciding on the actual format of the content you’re about to create, I suggest sticking with the one you feel most comfortable creating.

That’s the content that is going to come across as most authentic and be something your site visitors will consume.

You will have to decide which of the following formats will best suit your current capabilities as a content provider.

SEO optimization tutorial content

What type of content should you create to earn a link from your Golden Prospect? That depends on the kind of content you feel comfortable creating. The content needs to come across as natural, not forced.

Long Form Step by Step Text Tutorial

Long copy, step by step tutorials happen to be my favorite type of material to create because I know that my readers get a lot of use out of them. They are easy for me to create, so most of the content I release are tutorials. This entire Shoot for the Moon SEO optimization tutorial is an example of the type of tutorials I create. Later in this lesson, I will teach you how to build a step by step tutorial of your own using the research you gathered.


Creating this kind of content will be the easiest by far to create. The only hard part is getting your Golden Prospect to agree to the interview. Once you get him or her to agree to be interviewed by you, it’s the easiest form of content in the world to create. You have been studying so much of their content; you could put some awesome interview questions together.

Landing the interview will be tough, your Golden Prospect is busy. That’s the first negotiation hurdle you need to clear. The second is asking them to link to the interview once you get it posted on your site.

If they are willing to give you the interview, but not link to it, so what, rock it out anyway. It will be excellent content your site visitors will appreciate.


If your talents lie in creating great videos, this may be the best format to use to earn the backlink from your Golden Prospect. Given the fact I know jack squat about creating videos, I will refer you to these excellent resources should you decide to go this route; 9 Insider Tips for Creating a Killer Explainer Video;  10 Tips for Editing Video23 Things to Consider When Creating Video Content [Examples]; and Video Production Tips. Just make sure the video you create IS NOT a marketing video, you want to teach your prospects in it, not show off.


Podcasts could work just fine for earning a link from your Golden Prospect. For that to happen your prospect will first have to listen to it. That will be easier said than done. But, if you think you can pull it off, go for it!

Here are some great resources I found sharing solid podcasting tips:

13 Podcasting Tips from The Experts

100 Amazing Podcasting Tips from Successful Podcasters 

7 Tips for Launching a Successful Podcast

Let’s move to the subject matter of the content you create.

How to Figure Out the Topic of the Content You Need to Create

To go any further in this SEO optimization tutorial you will need to have completed all the homework assignments shared with you at the end of every lesson.

In particular, you need to have completed the spreadsheet detailing all the content your Golden Prospect has on their blog, as well as the sites they link to from it.

It’s that information you need to dig into to figure out the type of content you need to create to earn a backlink from him or her.

What Are the Main Topics Your Golden Prospect Covers In Their Blog Content

One of the first things I recommend you do when researching your Golden Prospect’s content this time around is to create a word cloud of all their blog titles.

Doing this will give you a quick visual snapshot of the topic of their content. The larger the words in the word cloud, the more important those issues are to your Golden Prospect.

It stands to reason if you create content centered around topics your Golden Prospect feels the strongest about, that will improve your chances at getting them to link to it.

To do this grab the blog titles you listed on the spreadsheet you created in a previous homework assignment.

SEO optimization tutorial blog-titles-screenshot

After that, visit  and paste those blog titles into the appropriate form and push the “Go” button.

Once you do that it will spit out a word cloud that will look similar to this one I generated from on Eric Ward’s blog post titles. Once you get to this point, it’s not too hard to figure out what your Golden Prospect’s favorite content subjects are. In the case of Eric Ward, I think it’s safe to say that to earn a link from him the content I create will need to be on the topic of link building.

SEO optimization tutorial eric-ward-blog-title-word-cloud

Now that you have a pretty good idea of the broad topic your content needs to focus on, it’s time to narrow that focus down a bit more.

What Type of Content Does Your Golden Prospect Link to from Their Blog?

Now go back to your spreadsheet and examine all the content your Golden Prospect has linked out to from their blog. What you’re looking for is the content they linked to because it supplemented their content. Those will be your best opportunities to earning a link from your Golden Prospect.

What you want to do is look for information gaps you can use as the focal point of the content you’re about to create for this SEO optimization tutorial.

Grab all the titles to the content your Golden Prospect linked to from your spreadsheet and create another word cloud using that data.

You should be able to narrow the focus of your topic once you get to this point. Find the top three common topics on the content your Golden Prospect links out to and write them down on your legal pad; you’ll need them later on in the SEO optimization tutorial.

Here’s the word cloud I came up with depicting the titles to the content Eric Ward has linked out to from his blog.

SEO optimization tutorial word-cloud-generator-outbound-content-title-screenshot

What Core Values Does Your Golden Prospect Hold?

In doing my research on my Golden Prospect, I found several clues regarding why Eric Ward is who he is when it comes to link building.

If I stand any chance at earning his link at the end of this SEO optimization tutorial, the content I create needs to be in alignment with those core values.

The same goes for your challenge and Golden Prospect too.

My Golden Prospect’s Core Values

Fundamental Success Clue #1
The only links Eric creates are on sites that care about the website he is asking them to link to, which causes him to be very selective when selecting potential link prospects.

Fundamental Success Clue #2
Eric shoots for a 90% success ratio in his link outreaches. He does this by being picky about the websites he builds links for as well.

Fundamental Success Clue #3
Most of Eric’s outreach attempts are via telephone.

Write your Golden Prospect’s three primary core values down on your legal pad; you’ll need it later on in this SEO optimization tutorial.

Why Be the Expert When You Can Get More Results from Being the Curator?

Have you ever started reading someone’s content who claimed to be some expert or another and IMMEDIATELY knew that they were anything but an expert?

Me too, all the time in fact.

The problem with playing the role of an expert when you’re not one is it forces you to pretend you’re something you’re not. That hardly ever ends up well. While you might be able to fool yourself into believing you’re an expert, very few others will fall for it.

Many marketers fail online because they made the mistake of thinking they had to become an expert to gain the ears of their prospects, and as a result, they failed to connect with their audience.

Which is sad because all that is avoidable, prospects don’t care whether you’re an expert. What they do care about is finding solutions to the problems they are facing.

Enter the Curator, Exit the Expert

If you don’t have the answers to the problems your prospects are looking for, you have three options to choose from to rectify the situation.

Here they are:

  1. Ignore your prospects’ needs and create the type of content that is easiest or the most affordable for you to build. Then hope for the best.
  2. Try to BS your way through as an expert and teach your prospects something that may or may not work for them.
  3. Play the role of curator and let your Golden Prospect educate your site visitors. You already know their content, curating some of it into the content you’re creating makes a lot of sense.

Out of three options which one do you think will give you the best opportunity to earn a backlink from your Golden Prospect? I guess the third option. If the content you create is a smart curation of their content, it just stands to reason that going this route will you the best shot at earning their link.

Which will serve the needs of your site visitors best, though? Again, I see the third option as being the better choice. It’s the only one that offers real solutions, to the real problems they are attempting to overcome.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need to be the root of all knowledge to best help your site visitors. If that were true, your prospects would be up a creek without a paddle, because, like it or not, you don’t know everything there is about anything and everything.

Furthermore, you don’t have the time to learn all that stuff anyways.

Instead, become the person that helps your site visitors solve problems by first finding out what those problems are, then researching who in your industry has the best answers to those problems. Then connect your visitors to that content.

SEO optimization tutorial fake mustache on child

The trick to making your content work for you is to come across as authentic on it. Fail to do that, and you will stick out like a fake mustache on a four-year-old, but nowhere near as cute.


By playing the role of curator, your prospects will come out ahead, because they’ll get solutions to their problems. Plus, they will be thankful to you for playing a part in them finding the solution to their problem they needed. Best of all, you won’t have to play the role of the know-it-all expert, which will free you up to be who you are, YOU!

Just be real, homey.

Why Pointing Your Blog Visitors to Your Golden Prospect Will Only Help Your Business

One of the biggest concerns I hear from would-be curators is that they are worried that creating content that sings the praises of someone other than themselves, their company, or their product or service will cost them sales.

It’s an apprehension I felt myself for a very long time, and I’m glad I don’t feel that way anymore.

As a link builder, I thought any content I created had to make my client look like Superman or Superwoman. The last thing I wanted to do was mention anyone else’s name in the same industry, let alone link out to their sites.

That was a big mistake.


Great content solves the problems of your site visitors, any content that fails to accomplish this is worthless to your business. By focusing on the needs of your guests, you will naturally want to help them find the solutions to their problems as quick as possible. You will also want to make sure that the content you push them to for those solutions, is something that will help them instead of hurt them. To be able to do that you will need to research where that content is.

Researching, organizing, and helping others is what curators do. It’s what they focus on; and the reason they kick butt when it comes to earning links.

Are Curators, Teachers?

Yes, for sure they are.

But Matt, are they perceived as authorities in their industry?

They often are.

But why? All they’re doing is pointing their readers to great content. Why would that boost their authority?

Great question, let me answer it this way.

Remember your favorite teachers from elementary school and high school? We established you respected them both in a previous lesson in this SEO optimization tutorial.

But why?

They weren’t the authors of the textbooks you used in their classes. They taught you what they did using someone else’s content in their classroom. After all these years, you still respect them.

It didn’t matter that they weren’t the authors of your textbooks. The only thing you care about is that they took the time to help you understand the contents of those books.

Your readers will respect you as a teacher too if you take the time to teach them what they need to learn. It won’t matter to them in the slightest that you had to lean on the help of your Golden Prospect’s content to accomplish that goal.

In fact, they will appreciate you more for it because not only did you take the time to help them solve a problem, you did so in a way that was real, and void of puffery.

Your prospects will groove on that fact.

All Great Content Starts with an Outline

Whether you decide to curate your content or create it from scratch, it’s an excellent idea to put together an outline first. Creating one will help you organize your thoughts into something concrete you can work with to complete your finalized content.


Consider the outline you create as the skeletal draft of your content. Once you figure out the most important points you want to cover, having everything down in the proposed form will help to organize the content so that it flows through the objectives you’re looking to achieve.

Once you answer the following questions by filling up your legal pad, you’re going to be well on your way to creating the content you need to have a shot at earning a link from your Golden Prospect.

So pay close attention to this next part, it’s the nitty gritty of this entire SEO optimization tutorial.

What do you want your visitors to do after consuming your content?

You already know what you want the Golden Prospect to do after reading, viewing, or listening to the content you’re about to create. Which is to link to you, but what do you your visitors to do after consuming your content?

By answering this question on your outline right off the bat, you’re setting the pace for the type of content you need to create or curate for this SEO optimization tutorial.

For example, when you get to the end of this SEO optimization tutorial, I want you to earn a link from the biggest authority in your industry. So I wrote that down on the first line of my outline.

Are you planning on teaching people how to change the transmission in a 1968 Volkswagen in your content? Or how to change a halogen bulb on the peak of a fifty-foot tall barn?

Whatever it is you’re planning on covering, write that down on the first line of your outline on your legal pad.

What steps will your visitor have to complete before accomplishing that goal? 

These measures should be listed in as concise a manner as possible because they will form the foundation of the content you are about to create. So, spend as much time as you need getting the steps ironed out in your head before you begin to create your content.

On the outline for this SEO optimization tutorial, these are the steps I knew you had to take before you could earn a link from your prospect:

  1. Start setting BIGGER EXPECTATIONS for your link building campaigns.
  2. Study the content of your Golden Prospect until you know it frontward and backward.
  3. Create content your Golden Prospect will link to from their blog.
  4. Reach out to that prospect in a way that maximizes your chances of earning the link from them.

Those are the steps you need to take to earn a link from your Golden Prospect. So I wrote those down on my outline.

On your outline, write down the steps your visitors will have to take to accomplish the goal you wrote down in the previous line of your draft. Remember, you need to be as detail oriented as possible.

What content has your Golden Prospect created that explains how to complete those steps?  

Write down on the next line of your outline all the content your Golden Prospect has created that explains how to complete any of the steps you just listed above on your outline.

What you’re doing is compiling the relevant content of your Golden Prospect and fitting it into the outline you’re creating now.

Which of your experiences can you add that will help them complete those steps?

For curation to work, you need to interject your spin on the content that you’re creating. The best way to do that is to mix your experiences into it. It makes for more potent content, plus gives your visitors a chance to bond with you in the process. If you do not yet have experiences you can relate to the content, share your thoughts on the Golden Prospect’s content instead. I’m sure you have plenty of that, you’ve been studying their material long enough.

Write down on your outline which of your experiences will help your visitors better understand the tasks they need to learn to be able to accomplish the goal you wrote down on the first line of your outline.

Do you currently have content already created that will help them complete any of the steps?

You’re not out to reinvent the wheel, so if you have content, you have written in the past that would fit, then incorporate it into your final content version. It’s going to get you to the finish line that much faster.

Do you have enough material to create lessons for each of the steps?

Gather all your Golden Prospect’s relevant content, your relevant content, and your experiences into a pile, and start sorting through them, piece by piece.

Discard anything you’re not going to be able to use in the project, then list your inventory in outline form on your legal pad. Next, to it, write down everything you’re going to need to create or curate to fill in the gaps that may exist.

What can you do if you’re not big on writing, but you have some gaps to fill in your outline?

Steps you can take to get the extra content you’re missing to be able to complete the content.

  • Check your Silver Prospects’ Content – Did you think I forgot about those prospects? Nope, I had you read their content in case your Golden Prospect’s content didn’t give you enough material to curate. If they have content that can fill your gaps, then curate it.
  • Old Nonfiction Books With Expired Copyrights – Depending on the type of content you’re creating, you may be able to legally “steal” content from old books. In the US, any book written before 1964 had to renew their copyright in 28 years, or it fell into public domain.  You first have to learn how to check if a book has renewed their copyright or not. To find digital versions of the book check to see if Project Gutenberg has digitized it, yet. If you plan on copyrighting the content, you must alter any public domain work you add to it. Just modernizing the vernacular counts as altering it.
  • Find Books on the Topic to “Borrow” From – No, I am not advocating plagiarism. But if there are books on the subject you’re creating content for, reading them may spur a myriad of ideas for you to include in your content. That’s why I always have a legal pad next to me whenever I’m reading or listening to a book, ideas usually flow in by the bucket load.
  • Turn to BuzzSumo for Help Finding the Extra Content You Need to Curate – This is a tool you need to get familiar with because it will help locate the missing content you need to create to finish your project.

Once you get all that taken care of you can begin creating the content you need to earn the link from your Golden Prospect.

SEO optimization tutorial time-for-review

End of Part Five – What’s Next?

To get to this point of the SEO optimization tutorial you have done a lot of work, and burned a lot of midnight oil. All that effort will make the next step of the SEO optimization tutorial a much easier process for you. See you there!


  1. Study the spreadsheet you created and the word clouds to decide on the precise topic of the content you are about to create. For instance, what is it that you want to teach your readers to accomplish? Make sure whatever that is is in alignment with the content on your Golden Prospect’s blog, the content they link out to, as well as be in alignment with what his or her three core values are.
  2. Put together your outline for the content you’re creating for this SEO optimization tutorial.
  3. Flesh out that outline until you have all the raw data you need.
  4. Proceed to the next chapter of this SEO optimization tutorial by clicking here.


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