SEO Online Tutorial – Earning High Value Backlinks

Welcome to part seven of my Shoot for the Moon SEO Online Tutorial.

Now that you have your content created for this challenge, it’s time to ask your Golden Prospect to link to it.

Are you ready to make that happen?

If so, what you learn in this lesson will make the process tons easier for you. I promise!

Don’t Feel Like Reading an SEO Online Tutorial? Watch the Video Version Instead

Note: If you’re new to this series, I recommend you click here to start at the beginning. You’ll get more from your efforts if you do. It’s also important to complete the homework section in each chapter if you’re participating in the challenge.

Asking Your Golden Prospect to Link to You

If you have been completing the homework assignments throughout this SEO online tutorial you have already made several touches with your Golden Prospect.

If you haven’t done that yet, now’s the time to hop on them. You don’t want your first contact with your Golden Prospect to be when you reach out to them with your link request.


It could screw up your chance of earning a link from them, so don’t risk it.

How I Reached Out to My Golden Prospect and Earned a Backlink

When I reached out to my Golden Prospect for the first time, it was the third day after I started this challenge.

Up to that point, Eric Ward had no idea who I was, because of this, my first touch with him was very soft.

What I did was follow him on Twitter, then added him to a public list I created which I named, “Link Building Pros.” So, on that first contact, Eric had my name put in front of his eyes twice.

SEO online tutorial screenshot 1A couple of days after that I tweeted out a link to his resource page. It was then Eric made his first reply back to me.

Moving forward.

A week or so after this took place I signed up for his LinkMoses paid newsletter for $8 a month. One of the perks of membership is you get to email Eric a question you would like him to cover on the monthly webinar he gives as part of the group.

I used the opportunity to get my name in front of him a couple more times. Eric did not use my questions on the webinar, nor did he reply back to them via email.

So, at that point, I had made a handful of communications with my Golden Prospect while only receiving one response back.

It was a few days after that I tagged him on a Tweet that shared the resource guide I curated from his content. Again, I received no response back.

Not too long after that, I had a friendly Twitter exchange with Garrett French who co-authored the book, “Ultimate Guide to Link Building” along with Eric Ward. In the exchange, I was able to sing the praise of my Golden Prospect.

As you can see, everything up to this point was very low key, and very one-sided, which is how I suggest you proceed with your Golden Prospect. The idea is to take it slow, be cool, be helpful, and be ever present (in a good way!).

After a month or so you can safely shift gears to the next stage of your outreach with them.

Which is what I did.

Copy of the link request email I sent my Golden Prospect

Hi Eric,

First off I know that you drive an 11-year-old Jeep, do not like link requests on old posts, you perform all your link outreach activity by phone when possible, you lover archery, so does your son, though neither of you hunts, you no longer write in public, and you have 3 kids, and your wife is a nurse, plus you have never linked to affiliate sites.

Over the last several weeks I have had the privilege of reading and watching ALL your public content, and I wanted to prove that fact to you. 🙂

As you discovered, I created an SEO online tutorial that challenges our readers to be VERY SELECTIVE with their link prospects (links below). Throughout the entire 19,000 words of the seven-part SEO online tutorial, I leaned heavily on your content, because I knew it would be better for my readers than anything I could create on my own.

In it I share a link to your book, your LinkMoses sign up page, your resource page, and I took the time to curate most of your content into a handy reference guide. I also made your content required reading in the homework assignments I included at the end of every chapter.

It’s my hope your readers and subscribers will get huge value from participating in this challenge themselves. 

Regardless of what you do with this SEO online tutorial, I want to thank you for the awesome education you have given me these last several weeks. Your system rocks, as do you, sir.

The links to the content are below.


Matt LaClear

Swing and a miss!

Eric Ward never responded to the email. I shook off the setback and plowed forward and sent him a message on Skype.

Here’s the exact message I sent:

Hi, Eric…are you available for a quick 3 minutes phone call this week to discuss my Shoot for the Moon Backlink SEO online tutorial? It gets heavy into content creation and research, I’m sure your readers will benefit from what I teach in it. Would just need a couple minutes of your time to discuss.  Thanks!

Eric did not respond to this message either.

Strike two!

A week later things started to fall into line when I received a notification from LinkedIn that Eric Ward had accepted the connection request I sent him a couple of weeks prior.

Here is a copy of the LinkedIn Connection request I sent him including the typo I missed on it.

SEO online tutorial screenshot 2

As soon as I received that notification from LinkedIn, I left him a recommendation.

SEO online tutorial screenshot 3

It was a week later when I heard back from Eric via a LinkedIn message.

In it, he thanked me for the LinkedIn recommendation and gave me the heads up that he had embedded one of my Tweets on his website.

SEO online tutorial screenshot 5

After some searching, I found the Tweet on to his consultation services sales page, which I took to be an excellent sign.


It meant I was beginning to earn my Golden Prospect’s positive attention.

SEO online tutorial screenshot 6

It was a week later when Eric notified me had placed the link to my site!

Not only had I just earned a link from my Golden Prospect, but it was also featured very prominently on the page that receives the most traffic on his website!!


Asking Your Golden Prospect to Link to Your Content

You reached the point of the campaign where you are ready to approach your Golden Prospect to ask him or her to link to the content you created.

It will be a mistake to reach out to them cold, though. It’s best to have several soft touches before sending them a link request.

One you get selective, you have no excuse to ever reach out cold to a prospect again. It’s too easy to reach out and engage with people in 2017.

So use social media to your advantage like I did in my outreaches to Eric Ward.

What to Do If Your Golden Prospect Ignores Your Outreach Attempts

If your Golden Prospect does not respond to your link request, you need to keep plowing forward with your goal to earn their link.

Continue following up with him or her every week until they answer your request to link to your content. Use as many different forms of communication media as possible in these follow-ups.

Don’t be afraid to call your Golden Prospect on the phone either, or overnight them a copy of your link request email.

Feel free to copy the approach I took to earn Eric Ward’s attention; it’s a proven strategy that has worked every time I have used it.

How to Earn a Link from Your Golden Prospect Without Creating New Content

If you don’t have the time to create the killer content you need, there are still a couple of other ways you can earn a backlink from your Golden Prospect. Both of which are legitimate forms of backlinks.

In a perfect world, you want to create content that your Golden Prospect will promote as well as place a backlink to on their blog. But that won’t always be possible on your first attempts. If so don’t let that deter you from still scoring a link from the biggest authority in your industry anyways.

What follows are two backup parachutes I deployed just in case Eric Ward was not willing to link to this SEO online tutorial I created for you.

Reference Guide

Reference Guides are super easy to create and are a content creation tactic that requires only moderate writing skills.

Remember the spreadsheet you set up to organize your Golden Prospect’s content and the content they link out to from their blog? We covered that in lesson two of this SEO online tutorial.

Upload the spreadsheet to Google Drive and then share it with your Golden Prospect to let him or her know you took the time to organize their content. Share how much you respect their content, and you wanted to make it easier for yourself and others to access any of it.

Share how much you respect their content, and you wanted to make it easier for yourself and others to access it all quickly.

How will this earn you a backlink?

You have two plays here:

  1. Offer to build an HTML reference guide that your Golden Prospect can post on their website. If they don’t already have one, and you did an excellent job curating your data, there’s a good chance they will take your offer. In return for your effort negotiate a “curated by” link on the bottom of the page with a link to your website.
  2. Ask your Golden Prospect if you could send the spreadsheet to their webmaster so he or she can build the reference guide instead. Then ask them to include your link at the bottom of the page.

Examining, sorting, and cataloging content is what curators do. It makes information much more accessible.

Your Golden Prospect will appreciate that you read and watched all their content as it is. But once they learn you took the time to catalog it all, that just might be enough to motivate them to link to you.

Especially if they get an awesome reference guide curating all their content to post on their site.

Here’s the complete reference guide I created for Eric Ward’s content. There is nothing special about it either. It’s something you can easily duplicate yourself for your Golden Prospect.


What does giving your Golden Prospect a testimonial have to do with earning a backlink on their blog or website?

It depends on whether or not he or she places links on the testimonials they post on their site. If they do, it’s an easy way to earn a backlink from them.

Even if they don’t include links in their testimonials, leaving one could further boost your relationship with him or her, and give you another opportunity to score a link from them down the road.

Note: For this tactic to work your Golden Prospect needs to offer a product or service that fits your budget, and be something you can put your name behind as well as endorse. Otherwise, move on to other tactics.

Not Being Rude, I Sent My Golden Prospect a Testimonial

In the case of Eric Ward, I signed up for his $8 a month paid newsletter LinkMoses.

In the first issue that I received, Eric offered a one-hour consultation call for the discounted rate of $300. I took him up on his offer to get some help on a client’s campaign. Which was awesome, Eric ended up finding a boat load of link opportunities for us to pursue, in fact, I plan on hiring him every month to consult with me on all my client campaigns.

The information he gave me was that awesome.

At the end of the call, I sent him this testimonial.

SEO online tutorial screenshot 7I’m glad I did that too because it’s what earned the backlink for me!

Take a look at it.

SEO online tutorial screenshot 8

What to Do If You Fail to Earn a Link from Your Golden Prospect

Okay, Matt, I tried everything you said to do in this SEO online tutorial, and my Golden Prospect keeps ignoring me. What do you suggest I do now?

Great question.

Let me answer it by asking you another question.

Here it is:

Are you happy with the content you created to earn a link from the biggest authority in your industry? If not, go back and check over ALL the homework assignments and fill in the gaps that exist in your content.

If the content you created is first class, then this challenge has already been a success, regardless of whether or not you earned a link from your Golden Prospect.

You now have content your site visitors find useful, and love and other authorities in your industry will want to connect to once you reach out to them.

By aiming big, you won big.

You may not have hit the initial target you were aiming for, but the content you created will help your business and attract links from your Silver Prospects.

Am I Bummed Out I Only Received a Testimonial Link from My Golden Prospect

Critics of this SEO online tutorial may feel that I spent too much effort to create the content for this course only to get a testimonial link.

Would I love it if Eric Ward put a link up in the middle of his home page stating “read this great content, it’s awesome, This guy is good, yadda yadda yadda.”

Um, yes.

Am I happy with the link I earned?


Do I think I wasted my time creating this content for you?


The link and it’s optimal placement came as a result of the tremendous effort I put into making this SEO online tutorial useful. The fact I reached out to Eric in a consistent flurry of soft, helpful touches from a multitude of different angles.

Not only that, had I received the link, and it’s placement without creating this content, what good would the traffic I received from it do for me anyways?

Mediocre content leads to AVERAGE RESULTS.

Competition Barrier

The fact that the tactics you learned in this SEO online tutorial took tons of effort on your part is a good thing.

Never doubt that for a second either.

Back before Google released the Penguin algorithm change, link building was a breeze. It didn’t matter what type of junk links you built, they almost all worked. As a result, there was a low threshold for competitors to get in the game and steal your rankings. Today that competition barrier is much more formidable.

The steps to overcoming this competition barrier involve a lot of reading, research, and elbow grease. Because of this, more people than ever are giving up on link earning. Which means the spoils will be yours if you just stick with it long enough.

The tougher the competition barrier is, the more money there is waiting on the other side of it.

End of Part Seven – What’s Next?

Check out the next lesson of this SEO online tutorial where Eric Ward and I will chat about what your nest steps in your challenge to earn backlinks from the biggest authorities in your industry should be.

Be there, or be square! 🙂

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  • Angela Johnson

    You’ve given me a lot to think about. I do have traffic and receive comments on my blog, but don’t think I have many backlinks.

    • Matt LaClear

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Angela. The fact your blog has golden content, and high engagement means you’re doing all the right things to earn backlinks. So keep doing what you’re doing, and maybe run a light link outreach campaign to the right webmasters to let them know about your content. Backlinks will follow when you do, I promise.

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