Beginners SEO Tutorial – Get Better Backlinks

Welcome to Lesson Four of the Shoot for the Moon Backlink Beginners SEO Tutorial series!

In this lesson, you’ll learn what needs to be on your website, and not be on it, before you reach out to your Golden Prospect and ask him or her to link to the content you’re going to create later on in this challenge.

We have a bit to discuss so let’s get cracking on it.

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Establishing Your Authority On Your Website

Most of the sites I built early on in my career were not teaching websites. Instead, they were pages filled with pitches, banners, sales letters, and stock image photos.

Why was that a stupid, stupid mistake?

People don’t recognize marketers and vendors as authorities worth listening to, so they usually tune them out.

beginners SEO tutorial - image of Your Seo Squad team members

Say hi to the team that created this beginners SEO tutorial!

Turning Your Website Into a Teaching Website

Most SEO campaigns fail because the site owner never establishes their authority in the campaign. Instead, many focus on high PR shenanigans, technical SEO, and on-page optimization tactics.

Those tactics do work at times. But they won’t help establish your authority on your website. That’s why I will not be covering any of those topics on this Beginners SEO Tutorial.

You might get to #1 on Google for your keywords, but if you’re coming across as a non-authority on your site, it won’t matter.


Your site won’t convert well. As soon as a visitor hits your page, they’ll start filtering your attempts to reach them.

They do this for self-preservation. The average person sees over 5,000 ads a day. Your site visitors are getting hammered with that many ads as well.

Let’s Test the Theory

Try paying attention and studying the first 25 ads you see starting from the second you wake up tomorrow morning.

Do your best to understand their offer and how it will benefit you. Do this even if your first inkling is that it won’t be of any benefit to you.

I bet you can’t do it.

The filter in your brain, and in mine, just won’t allow it.

The human brain, being the beautiful piece of machinery that it is, protects itself from sensory overload.

So, chances are you won’t even see the first 25 ads your eyes come across tomorrow morning.


If you’re NOT portraying yourself as a teacher on your website, you’re smoked.


Your visitors will consider your entire website an advertisement. Invisible websites do not earn the kind of revenue I think you’re looking to generate.

If your site is ranking #1 on Google, you may be earning revenue with it even if you’re not coming across as a teacher on it.

Don’t mistake Google Welfare for prosperity, though.

Once when I was a child, I caught a fish with an empty hook. I had run out of worms but wanted to keep fishing. So, I used an empty hook as my bait.

The thing is, I caught fish.

Don’t ask me how I did it either. I don’t have a clue how it worked. I just know I caught fish with a bare hook.

If your website is not teaching your visitors, you’re fishing with an empty hook. You may catch enough fish to feed your family with, but for how long?

Superman Had Phone Booths; You Have Your Website

Back in the day, Clark Kent had to find a phone booth before he could transform into Superman.

When he found one, poof. The mild-mannered often disrespected reporter turned into the Man of Steel.

Talk about an instant authority builder!

I’m not sure what he uses in the era of mobile phones. But I’m sure he’s managing somehow.

What about you?

Are you ready to create your instant authority builder?

No, you don’t need to be from the Planet Krypton, and I promise this transformation will not involve any levels of Gamma Rays.

All you need is a website that establishes your authority. Since you’re not Superman or Superwoman, you’ll need to fulfill the role as a teacher on your site if you want your visitors (students!) to think of you as an authority when they hit your site.

Establishing your authority on your website accomplishes three important things for your business.

  1. It makes your site visitors (students!) engage more with your site and with yourself.
  2.  It attracts more backlinks to your site, and more people (students!) will share it on social media. Which of course will generate more traffic, and again, more sales.
  3. Your search engine rankings will improve. Increased backlinks and improved user engagement metrics play a prominent role in Google rankings.

It’s Easier to Convince People to Buy from You When They View You as Their Teacher

Most people are like welders. We go through life with a shield in front of our eyes. We wear them to protect our brains from unwanted stimuli.

The welder wears it to protect his eyes from intense ultraviolet and infrared rays. The rest of us wear them to protect our time and brain from things we have no interest in whatsoever.

beginners SEO tutorial - image of classroom

Does your website resemble a classroom? If not, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. It’s a lot easier than you think!

Imagine you’re in a dark room with no lights. A flashlight beam flicks on and illuminates a pencil sharpener on the wall. Then another beam appears that lights up a chalkboard. Then another a large desk in front of the chalkboard.

Where are you?

Yeah, in a classroom.

Now had I asked you to imagine you were in a room with a pencil sharpener on the wall, a chalkboard, and desk in front of it, you would have guessed it much faster.

In fact, it would have been immediate.

That’s how fast the human brain deciphers words and sounds into thoughts. Once those thoughts are triggered, appropriate filters are turned either on or off.

How much would it benefit your business if prospects flip filters off when they hit your site instead of kicking on?

I guess a whole bunch of money.

So, let’s get to the ‘nitty gritty.’

Eight Quick Tweaks to Help You Get Your Website in Order

If your website reeks of adspeak at the moment, don’t let it get you down in the dumps. You’ll be able to get things turned around in no time flat with the tweaks you’re about to learn.

Tweak #1 – Quit Being Camera Shy On Your Website

Use real pictures of yourself throughout your site and tutorials. Students need to see their teacher to bond with them.

If you hide behind stock images like I did for years, it WILL NOT advance your status as a teacher and authority.

Look, I get why you might not want to put up a picture of yourself online. I never wanted to and still, don’t, to this day. But I’m not shy about putting my photo up today.

It makes my Beginners SEO Tutorial more relatable, I think, having them up. It gives you a face to go along with the words you’re reading.

Tweak #2 – Stop Being Afraid to Share Pictures of  Your Family On Your Website

When a prospect visits your site, you have a short period to convince them your site can be of use to them.

One way to do that is to be real.

Having pictures of your family on your site is an excellent way to prove that you are real.

beginners SEO tutorial - Matt LaClear children playing on a swing set

I try to include pictures of my family on each Beginners SEO Tutorial that I build whenever I can manage it. I want you to know I’m a real person and not some phony baloney.

You want to help your prospects figure out who you are on their own and without you telling them.

The way to do that is with real pictures.

Plus, your kids may get a big kick out of making it on to your website.

Tweak #3 – Admit Your Boneheaded Mistakes

Do you admit to making mistakes on your site content? Or do you gloss it over to hide your imperfections?

Remember your students are looking for someone to bond with who can help them that is real.

A quick way to broadcast that you’re live flesh and bones is to admit to some of the past mistakes you have made.

When you do, it will paint a more defined picture for your students on who their teacher is.

Pretending to be perfect squashes authority and integrity.

Tweak #4 – Write All Your Content at A Fifth-Grade Reading Level

The more readable your content is, the more your readers will be able to consume it.

So, the simpler you can write, the better.

It’s not that the people visiting your website can’t read well. They’re just in a hurry.

Writing at a fifth-grade level makes it easier for your readers to speed through your content.

A free tool you can use to help you with that is

I’ve been using that editor for a year now and the moment I started the engagement metrics on my content spiked.

It also helps never to put more than three sentences in a paragraph and use as many subheaders as possible.

Tweak #5 – Follow the No Bragging Allowed Rule for Teachers

What’s the problem with a little bragging?


No one ever believes you when you do it. Plus, it’s ugly.

The idea is to use your website as a tool that transforms you into an authority in your niche.

Authorities don’t brag.


They don’t have to.

So, look over your entire website tonight and look it over for anything your prospects will see as bragging.

Then cut it.

Save your accomplishments for your trophy case. You’re the only one who cares about them anyways.

All your prospects want are solutions to their problems. That’s why building an opportunity magnet website for them to find those solutions

Listen, there’s more. Lots more.

Tweak #6 – Don’t Feed Your Students Fluff Content

If your content sucks, your website sucks.

What’s fluff content?

Any content that doesn’t help your student in some significant way.

Does your content teach him to grow tomatoes? Or just that growing them is cool??

Lots of people want to learn how to grow vegetables. Not too many care that you happen to think growing them is cool.

So, write content that helps your students solve problems. They’ll love you for it if you do.

beginners SEO tutorial - No Fluff Detector

This tool is excellent. Just paste your content in, and it pumps a score back at you letting you know if your content is fluff or not.

Tweak #7 – Post on Your Blog At Least Twice a Week

If you’re not in class, your students won’t have any reason to stay there or come back again.

Instead, they’ll wander off to another teacher in your niche who is there for them on a consistent basis.

If you don’t have a blog yet, get one. It will be near impossible to convert your website into a prospect magnet without one.

Tweak #8 – Use NFL Team Color Combinations on Your Teaching  Website

A simple way to choose color combinations for your site is to copy the NFL.

NFL teams spend millions researching which color combinations appeal most to their fans.

They spend that much because they make a lot of money selling jerseys and other apparel. If the colors on them are pleasing to the eye, then more people will buy them. If they’re not, they won’t.

beginners SEO tutorial - NFL Colors
To get the color codes of just about every professional team in the world check out Team Colors.

Then make sure the only colors you use on your website matches the team you’re copying.

In case you’re wondering, we chose to copy the Miami Dolphins colors on this site.

You thought we came up with the orange on our own?

beginners SEO tutorial time-for-review

End of Part Four – What’s Next?

If everything I just shared with you seems too daunting of a task, I want to finish this lesson of the Beginners SEO Tutorial by encouraging you to implement the tactics anyways. The rewards that come from doing so will be yours as well as your prospects (students!).

You’ll boost your status in your industry, your sales will increase, and your students will love your site and return to it often.

If you have some additional tips, you would like to share on how to establish a teaching website I want to hear about them! Just post them below as a comment, and if I like them, I will add it to this Beginners SEO Tutorial along with a link to your website as a contributor.

Beginners SEO Tutorial Homework Assignment

  1. Look over your website. Make sure you’re not bragging about yourself on it. Cut all offending text or images.
  2. Go through it and make sure your color combinations look good. If you don’t like the color combinations, use the resource I gave you to find NFL color codes that will make your site pop.
  3. Check the reading level of your site content using If it is not at a 5th grading level or lower, rewrite it.
  4. Go through your existing content and look for instances in which you can share a mistake you have made in the past. Make sure it fits in at a place that adds depth to the content, otherwise share a different error.
  5. Look at your content for places where it would be appropriate to share a picture of yourself or even of your family.
  6. Proceed to the next video is this Beginners SEO Tutorial series by clicking here.
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