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Why Read Our SEO Blog?

The Links You Build for Your Business Represent Who Your Business Is. It’s Up to You How You Want to Present Your Business. Read Our SEO Blog to Learn How to Build Backlinks That:

  • Boost Your Credibility in The Marketplace
  • Generate Targeted Direct Traffic to Your Website
  • Produce More Revenue for Your Business

No argument there, right? What business owner or blogger doesn’t want those three things.

Now let me tell you how you can get them.

The SEO Blog Squad - The LaClear Family

Who the heck is Your SEO Squad? You’re looking at them (along with some extra family members)!

We Know What We’re Talking About When It Comes to Building Backlinks

picture of seo blog author Matt LaClearHello, my name is Matt LaClear, and I’m a grizzled old link builder who has learned a thing or two over the years. It’s amazing at how good you can get at SEO if you just refuse to quit when the going gets tough.

Now years later, my family has joined in on the fun. I’m stinking proud of each and every one of them, too. They love what they do and they absolutely rock it out.

As a team, we have earned a good deal of success generating organic traffic from Google for our clients.

It’s something we take HUGE satisfaction in too. Helping clients make money is an awesome feeling.

So Far, over 5000 Businesses Have
Benefited from My SEO Help

The number is close to being double that amount. But who’s counting?

picture of SEO blogger Matt LaClear and wife Cathy and their daughter Rebekeah.

Are we billionaires, or even millionaires? Nope. Just honest hard working Michiganders looking to help as many people as we can in the time God has allotted to us.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn If Your Read My SEO Blog

Over the years, I’ve examined and performed link building and SEO from every conceivable angle as you can imagine.

And what I’ve discovered through all my toil is that to be truly successful in building backlinks. — and start enjoying better website rankings — YOU NEED TO BUILD LINKS THAT BOOST YOUR AUTHORITY AND THAT GENERATE TARGETED REFERRAL TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE.

So, the part of Google that decides whether they will give you free traffic is a machine. Or rather, an algorithm. Since it’s a machine it also acts like a machine. Some smart developers have programmed the machine to be picky about the types of sites it will display on page one of their search engine results pages.

It’s an algorithm most link builders try to beat with deceptive linking tactics. But I have found dozens of tactics that work much more effectively.

Does Reading Our SEO Blog Make Financial Sense?

Yes, it’s free.

Did I mention that part? 🙂

What Next?

Not much left to now except go check our blog out at

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